What Sony's E3 Plans Says About the Future of PlayStation

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    On this episode of The Trophy Room: A PlayStation Podcast, Joseph and Kyle talk about Walmart Canada's E3 PR Nightmare. Bethesda shows off Rage 2's new look, new studio, and the games second chance at greatness. PlayStation's E3, might have showed gamers insight of when the PS5 will be announced. Is Days Gone, finally coming together? Zone of the Enders Remastered lands on a crowded September. Boss Key Productions Closure, and what happened. Sony ends the Vita's Physical game production. Lastly, the gang talks about why the idea of "console wars" are stupid. Walmart ruins E3: 6:08 - 16:03 Rage 2 Came out of Nowhere: 16:02 - 27:00 PlayStations E3 Announcement mean a PS5 is Closer than we think? 27:03 - 40:48 Zone of the Enders Remastered 40:49 - 42:14 Boss Key Productions is No More 42:14 - 55:50 Rest in Peace Vita: 55:50 - 01:00:29 Why the Idea of a Console War is Dumb 01:00:30 - Fin

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