What does one have to do after downloading a game from Emuparadise for it to work?

Discussion in 'Emulators' started by Emu, May 11, 2018.

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  1. Emu

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    You need an emulator for it to work. You have to choose the appropriate console emulator for the type of ROM you are going to play.

    eg, GBA Roms works with Visual Boy Advance-M,
    Nintendo DS Roms work with the DesMume emulator (which can also run GBA roms, i think)

    Here’s a link for a VBA emulator:-
    VisualBoy Advance - M - Downloads Area - Release Build

    After you’ve installed the program, open the emulator, click on file>open\open gba rom\open rom and browse to the directory where you’ve saved your rom files. Choose the file you want to run and you’re good to go.