Valneer of the Dragon Star Announced; Screenshots Show Waifus and Dragons

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    Today’s issue of Weekly Famitsu included the first reveal of a brand new JRPG by Compile Heart, Ryu Hoshi no Varuniiru, or Valneer of the Dragon Star.

    The game is in development only for PS4 and will launch in Japan on October 11th. Development is already 70% complete.

    The game is being created by the cream of the Compile Heart staff, and since this is a Compile Heart game, I’m sure you know what to expect by now. Yet, I’ll go ahead and tell you anyway. It’s all about waifus. To be precise, it’s about waifus and dragons.

    The story is rather interesting: In the game’s world witches living in the forests have been hunted as the cause of the existence of dragons. The protagonist Zephy belongs to an order of knights hunting witches. During a mission, he’s mortally wounded by a huge dragon. The witch Minessa saves him by letting him drink her blood, and awakens in him the power of dragons. Due to that Zephy is dragged in a complex web of plots involving the government, the orthodox knights he belongs to, the rogue organization “Evil Raven” and the witches themselves.

    Besides Zephy and Minessa we also get to see three more witches, Karikaro, Laponetto, and Charlotta. We see battles against giant dragons, including some coming from Nihon Falcom games as part of a collaboration crossover.

    You can check out all the screenshots below, keeping in mind that we’re looking at magazine scans, so the quality is not perfect.

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