Discussion in 'PS3 Hacks / JailBreak' started by eminem451, Feb 8, 2015.

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  1. very pretty app, great job!
  2. dragonbrsss

    dragonbrsss Guest

    Thanks for your software.
  3. pachanga

    pachanga Guest

    The Update Database function don't work:
    "Failed to download database"
    Same thing for the Update App function.
    v03.07.07 x64
  4. deathline

    deathline Guest

    Yeah , i think the developer discontinued the program but , feel free to correct me ...
  5. deathline

    deathline Guest

    You know what ? i take it back. Just tested it and worked like a charm :)

    Try again
  6. pachanga

    pachanga Guest

    Ok, Bitdefender blocks the update because the web resource is infected.
    Is a false positive or what?

    Sorry for double post, i can't modify my previous message.
  7. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    False positive most likely, as this app has been around for quite some time now ;)
  8. eminem451

    eminem451 Guest

    @pachanga, you can still download database and app from mediafire links that are in op. @deathline, discontinued? the last db update is from 8 days ago, I don't think it's that far ;).

    Please note it's using free servers, that means sometimes these function may not work properly.
  9. deathline

    deathline Guest

    I took it back instantly. its an amazing little program you have. comes in handy more than often :)
  10. pachanga

    pachanga Guest


    I love this app ;)
  11. eminem451

    eminem451 Guest

    You guys are welcome ;)
  12. martinkoza

    martinkoza Guest

    Thank you for your work, this is so useful! I don't have to get any ODE to play games.
  13. mexas

    mexas Guest

    thanks for the database.
  14. ichgojc

    ichgojc Guest

    thanx i searched for this file
  15. psicotron3

    psicotron3 Guest

    Is this the last usable psnstuff? Or do exists other forks?
  16. dudemandude

    dudemandude Guest

    awsome. by the way anyone know to get dragon's lair II working i installed psn pkg started game. and it say renew license. slim ps3. cfw rebug 475 cex. sorry in advance im noob of the century.
  17. dj1138

    dj1138 Guest


    TATOUINE Guest

    Thanks for your efforts
  19. eminem451

    eminem451 Guest

    03.07.08 is out ;)
  20. nice work

    Keep it up