PSNStuffX v03.07.08 Update for PS3 CFW by Eminem451 is Released

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  1. admin

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    Following his previous updates, today PlayStation 3 developer eminem451 (aka SlimShady451) has updated PSNStuffX to version 03.07.08 to access free PSN content for PS3 CFW users with the changes detailed below.

    Download: / database.rar / psnstuff_images.rar / Official PSNStuffX Discussion Thread / Yutolio's PSNStuffX Databases / PSNStuff GIT by xXxTheDarkprogramerxXx

    To quote: Hi guys, I've made new version of PsnStuff, now called PsnStuffX.

    Some bugs has been fixed, and new things has been added including some tools to create RAPs and C00 EDATs. Two version will be provided: X86 and X64.


    Normal version will require .NET framework 4.0.
    X64 works with .NET 4.5.
    If your are using a 64 bit OS, use x64 version, or normal will start it automatically.
    And as we are using free servers, there might be connection problems sometimes, just retry later, you will still have cached db on your computer anyway.


    Added Copy RAP Data to context menu
    Handle JSON links for PS4 titles (or any text files that contains parts links with http protocol)


    You can now drag and drop a database file into the data grid to load it
    Added support for PsVita in Game Updater


    Fixed auto loading of .gz database (x64 only)


    Changed second server


    "Copy Name" from context menu fixed
    "Copy PSN Link", "Copy Name" and "Copy TitleID" from content context menu will now copy all selected data to clipboard
    Changed main server


    Added Copy all PSN Links to Game Updater context menu
    Copy PSN Links from Content tab will now copy all selected links to clipboard


    Changed backup server


    Fixed Share RAP (wasn't working bacause of the free server... one more time)


    Changed download list limit from 8 to 24
    Changed offline news text, added more links when servers are down
    Added "Download From Browser" to right clic context menu
    Added "Open Downloads Folder" to right clic context menu
    Minor GUI fixes


    Auto save rap fixes
    Code cleanup
    Minor fixes


    Fixed X64 version not loading database at startup


    Removed automatic server check/database check/app update check, everything can be done within the app now


    Switched servers back
    Reduced server check timeout to 1 sec


    Auto save raps when adding selection to downloads
    Switched servers

    3.05.08 Update

    Submit minor fix
    Added PS4 filter
    Changed 'PSOne' filter to 'PS1'

    Bug fixes
    Typo fixes
    Submit fixes
    Changed app name from psnstuff+ to psnstuffX (help in google searsh cause "+" is a sign)
    GUI Fixes

    PKG Icons (when available) are back using a local icon database
    New type added in game list and submits: C00 (games that can unlock only with an EDAT)
    Database fixes (bad Game ID / Region)
    Database cleanup (replaced multiple spaces by a single new line in many descriptions and removed many useless "_")
    Database: special character "\n" can be used in description to put a new line.
    Database: C00 game type changed

    Note: image database must be downloaded separately using the link provided and extracted to your psnstuff+ directory

    Read news tab for more infos

    I added a x64 version, it offer a lot of advantages:
    memory limit increased, useful for OFW database
    support for gz compressed database
    it will by default download compressed database from server, reducing server load
    you should use it if you can, normal release should only be used by Windows XP users.
    Users can submit their raps from psnstuff/raps folder, I have a lot of links without their RAPs.

    Please note it is hard for me to handle 2 version and do so many checks because of unstable server.


    LoOzers for the original app.
    Yutolio for many new database entries
    sguerrini97 for his server and his Q_PSN which gave me motivation to do this.
    xXx The Darkprogramer xXx for his good advice.
    Dino05 for bug submitting.
    johnybb for his ideas
    Смыч bug submission
    Everyone, for their share

    [imglink=|PSNStuffX v03.07.08 Update for PS3 CFW by Eminem451 is Released][/imglink]
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  2. dozzosan

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    Is the database updated too?
  3. eminem451

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    Database update will come very soon (last is from 22/02/2016).
  4. I like the update!!
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    Thanks! Good Update.
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    Good work :D

    Cant wait to be Upgraded ^^
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    lookin forward to have this installed!
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    awesome, installing now
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    Nice and thanks going to try it
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    Works great. Thanks for the update!
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    great works thanks
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    This is just so awesome... the potential. Can't wait to test this out. Thank you so much eminem451.
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    is there any difference in this database and that other psndl or something similar?

  14. very nice! thanks!