PSN Patch v1.01 PS3 Application by KW for Custom Firmware Arrives

Discussion in 'PS3 Hacks / JailBreak' started by admin, Oct 23, 2013.

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  1. Yatten

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    I will try this
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    Thank you for the update.
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    works for me.
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    yep, works fine
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    Hope it works!!!
  7. there is no beep sound in my system but it says cfw already disabled ..and also its working on internal games only ..not with external games.

    i mean if i load games from ext hdd ..and then if open psn patch it freezes .. what should i do , where i'm going wrong ??

    psn patch is giving me black screen all the time guys needed here, using all latest cfw and psn patch and no homebrew apps...
  8. lupito

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    Thank you so much!
  9. okay i solved the Black Screen problem of PSN PATCH myself here i go:

    1) Make sure you disable internet and media server connection in your system before restarting the system...
    2) After restarting go straight into the multiMAN select the game (you can select from Internal/External no prob here)
    3) Open PSN PATCH press x
    4) Now enable internet connection and media servers connection
    5) Now open the game from disc loaded

    The important thing i figured out here is do not run psn patch with internet enable and also "clean restart with internet disabled" will always ..its working like charm and this part of help wasn't included in the psn patch faq txt file :(

    Everybody was making tutorial video for this ..but they didn't show the IMPORTANT part "clean restart with internet disabled" .. working with every game i ran no more black screen (y)
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    thank you
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    can i play online with this?
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    Can this spoof rebug cobra 4.65.1?
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    Can i update directly from kmeaw 3.55?

    Thankz for the new links
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    thank you
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    Very Helpful. Thank you.
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    thanks everyone.