PS3 Reference TOOL Kit Arrives for the PS3 News Dev Team!

Discussion in 'PS3 Hacks / JailBreak' started by CJPC, Sep 3, 2009.

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  1. red8316

    red8316 Guest

    Congrats! I'm sure you'll enjoy all the wicked awesomeness that comes from this TOOL. Thanks for sharing the news, its great to know people like you are out there trying to understand and push hardware beyond it's designed limits. Most importantly, have fun!!! :p
  2. Transient

    Transient Guest

    That's awesome and I'm jealous. Mind you if I got my hands on one of those I'd sure end up missing a lot of sleep! :D

    Congrats and good luck. Finally something to get excited about!
  3. Kiriller

    Kiriller Guest

    Great news :) Hope you reach your goals point the whole ps3 community in to the correct direction.

    Maybe your devs already had this thought, but, why not make a game like program, launches like a game, and i assume HV is not running at that time, and thats when you make the swap with another disk (game) sort of like swap majic?

    or even from there, somehow downgrade or install a custom fw? or even just modify the fw? anywho just some thoughts i had while reading your article.

    Best of luck and lets get this done!
  4. tworok

    tworok Guest

    this is some hot news indeed.

    we may still not be able to hack the ps3 with this TOOL, but at least you guys will manage to fully understand how the PS3 works, and that is definitely a BIG step in the right direction. :D
  5. tvdbz431

    tvdbz431 Guest

    This is truly a great day for the PS3news dev team.

    I hope if nothing else it finally answers some questions I am sure you have all had for some time now.
  6. leuch3rd

    leuch3rd Guest

    First and foremost, congrats! This is truly epic news!

    Not to be the 'debbie-downer' but if sony found out who owned this unit prior, couldnt they lock it out from the TOOL updates and whatnot? maybe im just being paranoid... lol

    cheers and here's to the forthcoming 'checkmate' on that hypervisor crap
  7. Shrink

    Shrink Guest

    BTW: Any news yet? Would be great to hear about the progress exploring it.
  8. Squirt1000

    Squirt1000 Guest

    Awesome stuff, I hope you guys manage to gain something useful from owning this mahoosive chunk of sony goodness!! Good luck ;)
  9. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    Yea, that isn't an issue... the updates are usually internal leaks from multiple sources versus updating the TOOL directly from Sony. :cool:
    I wouldn't expect 'daily' updates... he just got it, is grabbing some required files needed for testing and then will begin exploring what can be done with it.

    Based on talking to CJPC and bearing any 'breaking news' discovered with it, I would say to expect updates on a weekly/bi-weekly etc basis depending on their progress made and of course CJ's freetime.

    Like most others here, he starts up classes again and has to make time for "real life" stuff too.. so he/the Devs aren't hacking away at it 24/7 lol! :p

    In my opinion the hardest part is done- we now have a PS3 TOOL at the Devs disposal and it's not going anywhere, so basically just let them do what they do best with no pressure. Rest assured, when there is news/progress... they will share it!
  10. AKmania

    AKmania Guest

    Congratulations for the Dev Team to make such a big improvement. just hope this is going smoothly. Take your time bro. :tup:
  11. Pcsx2006

    Pcsx2006 Guest

    Awesome wicked cool

    Congratulations to CJPC and whole PS3 News DEV team for getting this montress piece of hardware.. i hope this could be really helpful for you guys.
  12. CJPC

    CJPC Guest

    Actually - expect an update tonight, have some nice high-res pics and some other info that I will post some news on later in the evening!
  13. tichua

    tichua Guest

    I got a DECR-1000A recently and I got the exact screen whenever I boot the system up. I can press the PS button to popup the XMB but when I press quit game, the screen go dark and nothing happens. Please let me know how to boot into XMB mode like you guys did on the youtube video.

  14. Where can I find these Dev unit kit?
  15. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    There are some links on Ebay, for example:
  16. LUIZ00987

    LUIZ00987 Guest

    This is so nice! I wish I could have one of these too, but it`s too expensive, and I don`t see any reason for me to have one of these, as I am not a developer and I am from Brazil, so actually one of these reference tools here would be twice the price you paid