PS3 Reference TOOL Kit Arrives for the PS3 News Dev Team!

Discussion in 'PS3 Hacks / JailBreak' started by CJPC, Sep 3, 2009.

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  1. conceptcar3

    conceptcar3 Guest

    being able to see the hypervisor output!
  2. cfwprophet

    cfwprophet Guest

    Finally a sort of ray of hope will shine on the community..
    And they will go where no man has gone before :D :tup:
  3. ernvil

    ernvil Guest

    The PS3 will finally get hacked!

    Oh I wish :rolleyes:
  4. Ninjazin

    Ninjazin Guest

    Wow, that´s a expensive piece of equipment!

    Let´s hope that this makes life a whole lot easier for the devs.
  5. moshebe

    moshebe Guest

    Wow !!!!!

    And i`ll say it again wow ! thats awesome news guys, i just want to wish you all- dev teams and others the best of luck !

    i`m so excited can`t wait for the good news, and hopefully soon ;)

    Best Regards
  6. Mantagtj

    Mantagtj Guest

    great news, congratulations and well done always been the best, so lets get down to some test! (sorry!) lol

    Regards and ENJOY!
  7. D3M0N2009

    D3M0N2009 Guest

    Congratulations mate, I wish you and the rest of the team the best of luck in trying to find an exploit using this thing. :D
  8. livpool

    livpool Guest

    awesome! it captures hypervisor output, so does that mean you guys can now better understand how it works and possible reverse it? or is it unknown yet?

    man i hope this helps you guys :) i hope geohot gets to use it too
  9. victorinox

    victorinox Guest

    it looks like a dvd/VHS player o.x;; but god... i really hope for that much money, something helpful atleast for you comes out of it!
  10. Santa Claus brought gifts early this year
    Awesome piece of hardware CJ
  11. jirachi155

    jirachi155 Guest

    CJ... all the world should congratulate you (apart from sony of course )
    i think that the all ps3 comunity would give you some money for what you did,do,and will do.

    so.. thanks a lot to you and the all devTeam, and now... HACK IT :D
    (hoping you don't fall into a justice trouble ;))
  12. raze88

    raze88 Guest

    Can you actually program on it? Like, making games?
    Or does it just display how the PS3 is working through the code if you feed it with data?

    Anyway, godspeed you guys!
  13. jirachi155

    jirachi155 Guest

    as the boss said... he could program or make new game if he wants, bu he DOESN'T want.. 'cause this is not the goal.
    so he only works to "break" the protections of the ps3
  14. Shrink

    Shrink Guest

    Why not programming a "game" that loads a specific (unprotected?) "savegame" from external source (HDD)? You think that's possible?

    I think the only 2 problems would be:
    1. making external "savegame" (aka copy of a game) inbound
    2. loading an unprotected savegame (no encryption)

    Anyways there are so many other modules that may be exploited. Like In-Game-Music from harddrive and so on.
    I hope this may finally lead somewhere.
  15. jirachi155

    jirachi155 Guest

    now we have more important problems..
    anyway CJ isn't a game maker so he can't create game... he could if he would like, but now he want just create a customfw for ps3
  16. raze88

    raze88 Guest

    I'm pissing my pants in anticipation! :p
  17. I think outside of learning about how the PS3 works it would be awesome to put those "hackers" in there place when they release "tiff exploits" and whatever other junk they turn up.

    Having this tool can quickly kill all rumors and assumptions when these soon to be irrelevant posts come up in the forum. You just grab the picture... load it on the test, see what spits out and tell them... doesn't work, here is proof why it never will and im still awesome... heh

    good luck.
  18. Rehab420

    Rehab420 Guest

    with a toy like this and CJ behind the wheel everyone else trying to find an exploit needs to save them the headache it's just a matter of time now good luck
  19. twitch

    twitch Guest

    In the words of Monty Burns.... EXCELLENT!!!
  20. shalina

    shalina Guest

    would be great if there'll be homebrew on ps3 soon :)... but if you can create games with this TOOL wouldn't it be possible to create a "swap magic bluray" running on ps3?