PS3 Reference TOOL Kit Arrives for the PS3 News Dev Team!

Discussion in 'PS3 Hacks / JailBreak' started by CJPC, Sep 3, 2009.

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  1. CJPC

    CJPC Guest

    Well, I hinted at it last week, that we were getting something BIG, and yeah- we did!

    It retails for $10,250.00, weighs in around 45lbs, is around 19" wide and 24" deep. If you have not guessed it yet, it's a PS3 TOOL, also known as a PS3 Reference Kit, also known as the DECR-1000A.

    This unit is the big brother to the new DECR-1400A, and has many more features than the newer, neutered counterpart. Most of them are outlined in my recently updated thread, but the jist of it is that it has dual 400GB hard disks, dual HDMI outputs, 4x LAN connectors, analog audio output, VGA output - just to name a few.

    Compared to a PS3 Debug/TEST unit, the PS3 TOOL can do MUCH more, including diagnosing exactly what is happening when perceived "exploit" code is run to crash/hang the PS3. However, the biggest feature is having the ability to capture output from the PS3 Hypervisor (LV1) and the PS3 Kernel (LV2)!

    More will be posted in future updates on what our PS3 Dev Team can do with it, as this literally just arrived and was unpacked/set-up a few hours ago.

    Needless to say, its massive, and has so many features it will take our DEVS quite awhile to get through. We need to start testing on a low firmware (around .85) and work our way up to 3.00, looking for exploits among other interesting things.

    This is truly as good as it gets when it comes to Sony PS3 hardware though- lots more to come... until then, check out the nice picture below!

    [imglink=|PS3 Reference TOOL Kit Arrives for the PS3 News Dev Team!][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...
  2. Preceptor

    Preceptor Guest

    CJPC, I would like to congratulate you for this great acquisition for the ps3news devs and for the community. We all know how expensive one of these monsters are so, on behalf of everyone here, I would like to say a big and fat thank you :D
  3. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    Truly fantastic news for all of the resident PS3 Devs... I know last year one guy had access to a TOOL for work, but was basically restricted on what could be done on it plus the whole NDA stuff doesn't help when it's part of your job.

    It's so comforting to know we now have a permanent one unrestricted for the team to gently "manhandle" as they see fit.
    Also, this is going to come in handy as all too often lamers run around screaming "OMFG, PS3 crash/hang = exploit!!!" when in reality they have no clue what's going on with the PS3's state during those situations... in most cases the answer being nothing. :p

    Finally, here is to hoping the PS3 Devs do make some great progress exploring and dumping areas that were previously inaccessable, and can analyze the data or even pass some along to guys like geohot for further examination.
  4. shummyr

    shummyr Guest

    This is going to be an immense help and it will be nice to be unrestricted on what can be done!
  5. Starlight

    Starlight Guest

    This is awesome news and will forsure be aid for devs and congrats on getting one.. me drooling..
  6. urbanracer34

    urbanracer34 Guest

    This is awesome! Congrats to you guys on getting this big TOOL (no pun intended)!

    Let's get hacking! :D
  7. shummyr

    shummyr Guest

    I like the idea of lets get hacking!
  8. mattfish

    mattfish Guest

    This is awesome news.. I want to wish the PS3 News Dev team good luck in the future !..
  9. everglow21

    everglow21 Guest

    Hope we can get as much as we can out of this :D
  10. sweet! wish i had one of those!
  11. shummyr

    shummyr Guest

    Me too.. I want one, i would help the devs with it.
  12. imtoodvs

    imtoodvs Guest

    PS3news Dev Team + PS3 Tool = HACKED PS3.

    congrats are in order, I can't wait to see what the future holds.
    I still have a PS3 on FW 2.10 & a Debug on 2.80. I'm ready if you need me.
  13. adrianc1982

    adrianc1982 Guest

    congratulations cjpc, you really sound excited and I've never seen you this happy before. I guess its really really big news and I hope you get to find an exploit for everyone else to have fun.
  14. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    Yea lol, he (and the other Devs) have been wanting one since before it even existed... awhile back CJPC sold his PS2 TOOL and got a PS3 Debug, but the PS3 TOOL is basically the "Holy Grail" of PS3 Development hardware.

    Unlike PS3 Test consoles that are primarily used for debugging, the PS3 TOOL essentially moves CJPC to "unlicensed developer" status... if he got a DBA and applied for/was granted a Dev license ( from Sony, he could create his own PS3 games as a third-party developer.

    Of course that won't happen, but those who know what they are doing with one and have connections to the required PS3 TOOL system updates and documentation gives us the best shot at unlocking the PS3 to date.
  15. brent0r

    brent0r Guest

    best news i've heard in a long time. well done and good luck with everything in the future.

    how was this unit funded too? thats some real dedication if this was brought privately.

    :tup: can't wait to read more news as it comes in. i seriously check this site every second i have access to a computer hoping for more progress. good stuff!!!
  16. Chivafighter

    Chivafighter Guest

    Wow, Congratulations, but one thing... how did they acquire it lol
  17. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    CJPC bought it himself, however, keep two things in mind:

    1) A hobby of his has always been Dev stuff, both collecting and tinkering with it. While it's great he isn't one of those hypocritical collectors (who buy but don't ever use the stuff, or don't hack with it because they don't agree with piracy/scene views) he did buy it for his own personal use as well as to benefit PS3 Dev progress. I guess my point is simply that if the PS3 was already hacked, he would still jump on buying a PS3 TOOL the instant opportunity knocked. :D

    2) He didn't pay the retail price for it, so while it may be $10k+ new he got it used off Ebay. Lucky? VERY much so, but smart enough not to pay retail for anything in life... let alone $10,000 for a metal box. :p
  18. Chivafighter

    Chivafighter Guest


    You got to love ebay, my place for aftermarket parts for my car, phones and now.

    CJPC got this masterpiece there for a reduced price... wow :tup:
  19. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    So I hear LOL... believe it or not, as much time as I spend online each day (like 10+ hours, 7 days a week) I have never, ever used Ebay myself. I don't even have an account there, though I really should push myself to get into it... then I can be the next guy on one of those "I made millions on Ebay" infomercials.
  20. CJPC

    CJPC Guest

    Yeah, I've got a thing for dev equipment (have any, or proto stuff - mail me!), you name it, I've either had it, or had the opportunity to buy it.

    But yeah, thank god for "second hand", at 10k - it would have been just a dream!