PS3 MAME Arcade Game Emulator GameOS Port is Released

Discussion in 'PS3 Hacks / JailBreak' started by admin, Jun 18, 2011.

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  1. SonicASD

    SonicASD Guest

    Don't even know what "MAME" even is. It is good to know that the scene still goes on forward.
  2. Jonaloysius

    Jonaloysius Guest

    I love these games and your post has made me smile thinking about how in two days time i can view and download the emulator..

    I think it stands for Multi Arcade Machine Emulator.
  3. tms1643

    tms1643 Guest

    Nothing is as awesome as playing arcade games in your living room. I remember dropping many a quarter into these machines.
  4. tys0n

    tys0n Guest

    Great Work!
  5. jf1001

    jf1001 Guest

    sweet, brings back memories
  6. repania

    repania Guest

    great work
  7. ThePrates

    ThePrates Guest

    I'm testing on my ps3... I was looking for that a long time
  8. loth77

    loth77 Guest

    very interesting! thank you
  9. RoRoD

    RoRoD Guest

    Is there a compatible/not compatible game list ?
  10. slyd3r

    slyd3r Guest

    This is awesome, thank you.
  11. jainjank

    jainjank Guest

    Thanks for sharing this!
  12. tp6an

    tp6an Guest

    Great Work! Thanks Hobo!