PS3 IDPS Viewer Tool Homebrew Application is Released

Discussion in 'PS3 Hacks / JailBreak' started by nathanr3269, Mar 19, 2012.

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  1. Raim1s

    Raim1s Guest

  2. How to Spoof PSID help?

    i'm trying to see if anyone could help me on how to spoof my console id i believe im on habib 4.65 thanks
  3. wayde420

    wayde420 Guest

    You could try psnpatch. It spoof idps and psid. It also disable syscalls.
  4. AnaboL

    AnaboL Guest

    Very nice thread, but my patch doesn't work..
  5. dj1138

    dj1138 Guest

    what do you mean your patch doesn't work?
  6. illusionist

    illusionist Guest

    thanks for the tools and help!!!
  7. dongde

    dongde Guest

    Thank You

    Thank You for this tool
  8. hiukong

    hiukong Guest

    Just found that I can use a PSP IDPS to flash my banned PS3. Here we go!