PS3 IDPS Viewer Tool Homebrew Application is Released

Discussion in 'PS3 Hacks / JailBreak' started by nathanr3269, Mar 19, 2012.

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  1. scousetomo

    scousetomo Guest

    i've got a working ps3 id, is there any tool available to use without a flasher? i'm on harib 4.50 cfw now on a banned slim but the id off a fat unbanned one
  2. djstiff

    djstiff Guest

    PSID Spoofing

    I was wondering if there was any reliable to spoof a cid?
  3. Akephalos

    Akephalos Guest

    Sure is. I myself use PSNPatch.

    It includes a .cfg file you can edit and set a spoofed ID to. It boots via USB with a .pkg and works wonders for me. On Habib 4.65 Cobra and no issues getting on PSN.
  4. badchimp

    badchimp Guest

    I'm using ccapi console control, you need to sign in with a legit valid cid, then change it to a banned or made up cid.
  5. dj1138

    dj1138 Guest

    i use both (not at the same time) psnpatch and webman. with webman IDPS and PSID are both spoofed from the get go and stay spoofed till you turn off the spoofing function, psnpatch spoofs till you turn off/restart then you have to use psnpatch again unless u use the .cfg file.

    or you can have webman spoof one IDPS/PSID and psnpatch spoof another (obviously not at the same time). psn patch also installs rap and edat files while webman lets you stream games from external computer/over network.
  6. hello, nice bro.. working?
  7. Kaci

    Kaci Guest

    is dangerous to use it without a stealth multiman?
  8. anggianni

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  9. lzniori

    lzniori Guest

    Thanks for sharing
  10. unyxor

    unyxor Guest

    Thanks for sharing also!
  11. millerok

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  12. The Dev

    The Dev Guest

    thanks, real awesome tool
  13. Robin026

    Robin026 Guest

    Any update available?
  14. looks really impressive
  15. urdandy

    urdandy Guest

    Thank you so much
  16. ahmadsamir88

    ahmadsamir88 Guest

    Not working for me.

    Is there an updated version of this?