PS3 DarkEboot Fixer v2.0 to Fix PlayStation 3 EBOOTs for 3.55 CFW

Discussion in 'PS3 Hacks / JailBreak' started by DarkGiovy, Nov 3, 2012.

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  1. Varrasco

    Varrasco Guest

    Does anyone know if it fix starhawk now?
  2. moongina

    moongina Guest

    Ridge Racer Unbounded doesn't work with this or Trueancestor. The duplex fix works, but after finishing a race, the game hangs on the loading screen. Anyone get the BLUS version working properly?
  3. ps33ps

    ps33ps Guest

    ''Added options to decrypt and Encryptare file. SDAT''

    sdat 4.0.0 can't be decrypted, only 3.x
  4. neopike

    neopike Guest

    I'm getting an error of "could not process eboot.bin" when I'm trying to fix the eboot for Dungeon Siege 3. Any suggestions to help?

    And yes the eboot.bin is in the same directory as the program.
  5. rocielvn

    rocielvn Guest

    Still no hope with Ultimate Neptunia V update 101, ToX2 update 101, Dai2ji SRW OG... its go black screen after replaced fix made form Darkeboot fixer 5.0~
  6. DarkGiovy

    DarkGiovy Guest

    PS3 DarkEboot Fixer v5.5 to Fix PlayStation 3 EBOOTs for 3.55 CFW

    Following up on my last revision, I have updated PS3 DarkEboot Fixer to version 5.5 which is used to fix PlayStation 3 EBOOTs for 3.55 CFW.

    Download: PS3 DarkEboot Fixer v5.5 / PS3 DarkEboot Fixer v5.5 (Mirror)

    DarkEboot Fixer v5.5 Changelog:
    • Changed extraction method PKG, you can now extract any pkg without PKGView
    • Added possibility to automatically fix SDAT v3
    • Added another option to decrypt SDAT v3
    • Added a second option to encrypt the SDAT v3
    • Added option to fix the SDAT v4 (Requires CFW 4.XX)
    • Added ability to automatically fix a PKG file containing SELF and EBOOT.BIN and PARAM.SFO
    • The pkg will be extracted, fixed and recreated automatically!
    Usage Tutorial:

    [imglink=|PS3 DarkEboot Fixer v5.5 to Fix PlayStation 3 EBOOTs for 3.55 CFW][/imglink]
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  7. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    I have now promoted the news to the main page and +Rep for the update DarkGiovy. :)
  8. joffe

    joffe Guest

    It seems that 'fixklen.exe' (size 6963 bytes) in latest DarkBootFixer_5.5 package from above download link is infected with Win.Trojan.Banbra-3 - can anyone confirm this or is it a false positive?
  9. DarkGiovy

    DarkGiovy Guest

    false positive ;)
  10. halen

    halen Guest

    I tried to fix: Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, The Ultimate Battle of Sex and i dont have success!!!
  11. DarkGiovy

    DarkGiovy Guest

    Give me original eboot of Wheel of Fortune
  12. halen

    halen Guest

  13. l1ghtf0rc3

    l1ghtf0rc3 Guest

    Can you decrypt npdrm psn game update eboot.bin with this?
  14. DarkGiovy

    DarkGiovy Guest

  15. Raskal

    Raskal Guest

    Hello. Maybe someone can help me. I want to fix patch 1.03 for NPEB00851 - NeedForSpeed The Run, but when I try decrypt Eboot, I have error "Couldn't load IDPS". Can someone say how fix patches for CWF 3.55?
  16. halen

    halen Guest

    Dark - not working - error 800100009!!!!
  17. leonn

    leonn Guest

    Help \o/\o/ I'm stuck trying to fix RockSmith !! EBOOT.BIN fix fine but i cannot fix .sdat files using the darkeboot tool opt :17 | 5 gives me "InitialCache_Fixed.sdat Generato!" but there are no such file created on my folder LOL
  18. DarkGiovy

    DarkGiovy Guest

    DarkPS3Tools V1.00 - PS3 DarkEboot Fixer Update Now Available

    Following up on my last revision, I have updated PS3 DarkEboot Fixer to a PlayStation 3 homebrew application I call DarkPS3Tools V1.00 now with the changes below.

    Download: Dark PS3ToolsV1.00.rar

    DarkPS3Tools V1.00: DarkPS3Tools is new version of DarkEbootFixer, I decided to change, given that I rewrite 60% of the tool. The tool is extremely simple to use, and all processes are almost completely automatic.

    DarkPS3Tools V1.00 Changelog:
    • Tool rewritten for 60% and lightened, was also reorganized the GUI.
    • Added function to unban the console, you will provide a Unbanned console ID every day.
    • New file system choice.
    • Added fw detect key and, depending on the chosen firmware.
    • New extraction system for PKG
    • Rewritten process autofix of PKG
    • Submitted Decrypt / Encrypt SDAT and EDAT v3/v4
    • Submitted Resign SDAT and EDAT v3/v4
    • Added option Finalize PKG
    • Rewritten process of Self-resign and SPRX
    And many little features...

    [imglink=|DarkPS3Tools V1.00 - PS3 DarkEboot Fixer Update Now Available][/imglink]
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