PS3 CEX (Retail) to DEX (Debug) Conversion Method is Released!

Discussion in 'PS3 Hacks / JailBreak' started by AnoRelease, Jul 8, 2012.

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  1. Gancia

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    Thanks for the guide!
  2. igsk00

    igsk00 Guest

    I tried doing this and it worked out, but I decided it wasn't worth it to have to always connect an ethernet cable in order to rtm, i'd rather just use ccapi on CEX
  3. beki12

    beki12 Guest

    can i jaibreak my ps3 i have 4.60 official firmware?
  4. dtech

    dtech Guest

    How exactly do you jailbreak the fat ps3 running 4.66?
  5. yaqoobalvi

    yaqoobalvi Guest

    Thanks that was really helpful ;)
  6. vck0111

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  7. Rexxian

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    Thanks for this, i found this fourm again, when i did this a few years ago
  8. QuestHacks

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    love it
  9. nivele

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    thanks for sharing
  10. tmdebug

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    nice stuff, COOL!
  11. tbonec999

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  12. leystryku

    leystryku Guest

    is it possible on superslim?
  13. i didn't have 1 registered user for psn on my ps3.

    when i want to login already user it says "The connection to the server timed out.."

    pls can someone help me ?
  14. asen

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    nice thread
  15. Scheissdreck

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    Thanks for the help.
  16. CHC

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    Thanks for this guide!
  17. rimfa

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    Install rebug 4.65.2 Rex, install toolbox, dump eid root key using toolbox, switch dex target Id and kernel using toolboox. And now your ps3 is a dex ps3.

    Yes you can install 4.70 d-rex edition after converting to DEX using the method I've described. It's not a true Dex conversion since a real Dex unit has more hardware than a converted cex but it's the same as using the old c2d.exe method and enough to install a (patched) Dex firmware and to use all the features that d-Rex offers.

  18. agobe34

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    i dont know whether its gonna work for me or not but i'm going to try my best

  19. jjbsbll

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    I love this site and i appreciate everyone who has helped me with my playstation mods