PeXploit V1.0

Discussion in 'PS3 Hacks / JailBreak' started by TheDarkprograme, Jan 21, 2015.

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  1. Hi Guys, so I finally finished PeXploit itself... it should be working 100% on all versions of Windows!


    Firstly I would like to thank everyone who has helped me creating this tool , without your testing, ideas , ext i would have never been able to finish this.

    Secondly I would like to thank all my users for there continued support , you guys rock !! :p

    Change log V1.0:

    + New Gui
    + New Working Method
    + New Logo
    + New Code
    + Works a bit faster now as well
    + Lite And Dark Themed (Switch View)

    -- Not included yet is the advanced window (I'm still working on it still has a few things that needs to be done)

    As soon as its done you can just add the advanced.exe in the pexploit folder.

    Have fun!

    "Nothing is true , Everything is permitted "

    xXx The Darkprogramer xXx

    PeXploit v1.0 video:


    PeXploit v1.0 advanced Window demo will be uploaded soon.


    • Kakaroto For PS3xport
    • DetrikSys For His Work On PS3xport For Win
    • Pink1 For His Help
    • PSDev for some code
    • All the other devs I'm forgetting
    • ocam
    • Marc0
    • b0dz
    • And all the others I'm forgetting
    Check out it all on my website:
  2. driwach

    driwach Guest

    great job mr. darkprogrammer you are the best. now can the gta v run without problems?

    please answer me and 1000 thanks for you from morocco to your state!
  3. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    Hello TheDarkprograme, I have now made this thread a Sticky and added you as a Senior Member Editor so you can update it and edit your posts in it with no time limit.

    I will also pull from and link to this thread for our main page updates as well- Cheers! :cool:
  4. Thank you so kindly :p

    i don't believe it will be possible, but easiest way to search if there is a GTAV fix pkg
  5. well main topic has been changed to pexploit v0.5 so enjoy guys
  6. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    I have also mainpaged the news as well and +Rep TheDarkprograme for the updates. :tup:
  7. Redouan14

    Redouan14 Guest

    So wait a minute, what if i patch the Edat of GTA 5, with a rap that i got from PSNstuff? i know there are some Edat rebuilders and patchers and a devK license and stuff, is it possible to use that to an edat and patch the license to activate the game?
  8. kushcpd

    kushcpd Guest

    Can anyone walkthrough me with whole process of installing pkg to ofw, which games need rifs/raps, can use created edats?
  9. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

  10. kushcpd

    kushcpd Guest

    Hello guys,

    Can someone please walk me through the process for adding dlc with this tool? Which dlc i can add or not?
  11. 3v1lryu

    3v1lryu Guest

    how can install game update 1.14?
  12. Suprising

    Suprising Guest

    Nice work my man. Another update, although I was hoping in looking for that advanced menu! :p
  13. labsdj

    labsdj Guest

    This version you cannot convert c00 to full licence free because as a bug many ppl say its got a bug like me. i try the old version its works well but this version 0.7 not works well, update the bug TheDarkprograme thanks for your help us to make this app possible!
  14. kushcpd

    kushcpd Guest

    I download shoot many robots game from psndl, created edat from psnstuff, installed the game using PEXPLOIT v0.7.

    After showing successful injecting, when i restored my backup i couldn't see the game anywhere.

    Please help me? and do tell me how to install dlc's on ofw?
  15. Deniz Usta

    Deniz Usta Guest

    PeXploit V0.7 download link pls help. your message download link PeXploit V0.5 ???
  16. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

  17. Very nice :D perfect software for installing games on ps3 with ofw :) thank you :D
  18. LUIZ00987

    LUIZ00987 Guest

    Nice work, mr. The Darkprograme!!! Keep it up!!!
  19. ryansilva290

    ryansilva290 Guest

    This is a very useful piece of software alot of OFW users are going to want to be using! Hope Sony dosen't patch it though...
  20. gurpeer

    gurpeer Guest

    I don't understand, what are these PeExploit used for?