MuXport v2.1.0 - Easy Way to Add C00 Games Into PS3 Backups

Discussion in 'PS3 Hacks / JailBreak' started by Venushja, Jan 16, 2015.

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  1. Arturo RA

    Arturo RA Guest

    Delete the entire folder and uncompress the zip file again, its the only way to have muxploit working again
  2. darko1x

    darko1x Guest

    thx mate problem solved.

    Muxport crashes after i add the game ...
  3. Suprising

    Suprising Guest

    Oh no! I didn't realise I was using the previous version! :p

    Better upgrade! :)
  4. Deniz Usta

    Deniz Usta Guest

    thanks for the share friend.
  5. wolvier

    wolvier Guest

    Ok. I've made clean backup - and about few days later I make new backup with C00 and edata games about 140GB - then when i want do add new games - PS3 don't see the newest game - I think that the limit is 140GB or similar, please try to lookup this problem.
  6. kushcpd

    kushcpd Guest

    i was trying to install burn zombie burn game this error came. Please someone help me solve it?
  7. ZVV

    ZVV Guest

    Hi, are you plan to release the new version of muxport, i ask because Muxport is the very cool and useful program.
  8. wolvier

    wolvier Guest

    For me is better than pexploit - more stable, and functionally - but I see that project goes to end? or you worked on something new?
  9. hamzaadli1

    hamzaadli1 Guest

    Thanks very much.
  10. Hamers

    Hamers Guest

    Extremely thankful you made this, I was looking since quite a while to get Heavy Rain working on my OFW PS3. Keep up the good work :)
  11. vinao199

    vinao199 Guest

    Does it work on slim ps3 with 4.70 OFW?
  12. mike42016

    mike42016 Guest


    hey guys, im new to the thread and new to the ps3 hack I hope im not in the wrong thread but ive been searching all day for information on this and cant find any information about it.

    my question is does muxport work on the ofw 4.75? I just bought my ps3 and realized there are no jailbreaks period for anything after 3.55 but id like to at least hack my ps3 any possible way I can thanks guys.
  13. this app is great, thanks!
  14. good work bro keep it up
  15. drink12

    drink12 Guest

    Thanks for this app