MuXport v2.1.0 - Easy Way to Add C00 Games Into PS3 Backups

Discussion in 'PS3 Hacks / JailBreak' started by Venushja, Jan 16, 2015.

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  1. firplay

    firplay Guest

    does anyone has any idea about football games fifa or pes ?
  2. krollen

    krollen Guest

    Very nice app, i like french trad.
  3. varinek

    varinek Guest

    Are you using new version of muxport (2.1.0)?
  4. kalhash33

    kalhash33 Guest

    Hello, thank's for your work, i've make little french tuto for help novices users, link here:

    Rough translation:
    [B]1) Create a backup of the hard drive of his ps3:[/B]
    Insert a USB media into the console, go to the "system settings" tab, select "Backup" and finally "Dauvegarder", confirm the message with "yes" and then choose peipherique, wait time to copy and quit once complete.
    Voila, you can remove your usb ring road, your backup is ready to be used with MuXport. Note that the size of the backup will vary depending on what you install on the console (games \ demos \ dlc ...) therefore provide support usb accordingly.
    [B]2) Content to be added:[/B]
    To procure psn content easily, install on your PC PSNDL v0.3 (requires Java), you will find a lot of content and a good flow dl.
    To extract the pkg's downloaded games, you need a special utility, I use "pkgview v1.3" which nicely.
    Tip: creez folder, or you decompresserez all your games before adding to backup.
    [B]3) Use MuXport:[/B]
    Start MuXport then:
    [B]Option 1 "Select the backup folder PS3"[/B]
    Here select the folder or your backup is stored on the usb. Attendez few seconds UserID will handle all alone, when c "ZST fact go as a result.
    [B]Option 2 "Select idps.bin the file"[/B]
    Select the file "idps.bin" you have to have dumped with IDPSTAELER by Flatz, the operation is simple and takes 5 minutes.
    [B]Option 3 "Select PKG folder unzipped"[/B]
    Select the folder where you extracted your games, por each game you have to take the type of folder "NPEBXXXXX \ NPUBXXXXX" ", click ok and wait a roughly 5 seconds the following option alone is responsible, then click "Add to list game" while bas.L'opération must be repeated for each game.
    Once all your games added to the list, click "Start" and wait for the process, the time will vary depending on the size of the backup and what you add to it.
    When the process is termone, close MuXport but keep the file open, go to your usb ring road and then into the folder of your backup delete all files and replace them with those found in the full record of MuXport.
    Here it is almost finished, reconnect the usb console, back to the system Settings tab and Backup, Restore and finally, choose your usb, wait until the process has benefited enjoy more!
    Enjoy :cool:
  5. varinek

    varinek Guest

    Thank you so much :)
  6. ZVV

    ZVV Guest

    Hi, thanks for your best and useful Muxport. I translated this program into Ukrainian language.
  7. varinek

    varinek Guest

    Thank you. :) we add your translation into next version.
  8. firplay

    firplay Guest

    any news on this thread, anyone talking about this app.. any new game that is not in the list?
  9. varinek

    varinek Guest

    MuXport supports all game as ps3xport. We are planning some GUI changes into new version MuXport. :)
  10. hp212

    hp212 Guest

    Just one question: I got a error message with a demo game like this: missing content_ID , need manually create .edat.

    So the question : how to create a .edat ? (I hear R2R but I am not sure)
  11. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

  12. Marc0

    Marc0 Guest

    Hey guys I have a question. Can I use this muxport process with a bought game? I mean, I bought Battlefield 4 and want to share with some friends so, can I do this process with a bought game?

    Not a Demo one? If it's possible, how would I do that? Can anyone help me?
  13. hp212

    hp212 Guest


    I made a youtube tutorial about the R2R technique ; if It could help someone with that.

  14. Marc0

    Marc0 Guest

    Really nice tutorial!!!

    Also, if I have the act.dat and .Rif files from a bought game, is there any way I can create a real EDAT to unlock a non Demo game? If so, how would I do that?
  15. falah

    falah Guest


    i have problem.. win 7 64 bit
  16. mick68

    mick68 Guest

    hi I have a problem bug to copy and muxport crashes.. what is the solution? please help
  17. wolvier

    wolvier Guest

    There is a problem when you try install DLC or something like Walking Dead Episode 2,3,4.... or next episode Wolf Among Us - first episode and game is ok, but after this when you try to install original game don'see others episodes (only You see - BUY) - I'll try to install with pexploit
  18. darko1x

    darko1x Guest

    whenever i hit add backup Muxport crashes and stop working :(

    any idea ?
  19. wolvier

    wolvier Guest

    Try delete all archive*.dat files in muxport folder...
  20. darko1x

    darko1x Guest

    hey and thx for the reply, i did this but not working :(