MuXport v2.1.0 - Easy Way to Add C00 Games Into PS3 Backups

Discussion in 'PS3 Hacks / JailBreak' started by Venushja, Jan 16, 2015.

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  1. Arturo RA

    Arturo RA Guest

    Thank you, its working fine on superslim ofw 4.66
  2. firplay

    firplay Guest

    after many attempts again corrupted data on game list on ps3, please help me.. whats wrong all done well on muxport
  3. varinek

    varinek Guest

    what games are you trying?
  4. ali jamali

    ali jamali Guest

    Thank you

    its work good for me in windows 8.1
  5. leerpsp

    leerpsp Guest

    Ok thanks I may give this a go tonight!
  6. purgafur

    purgafur Guest

    I'm doing as in the video and the game appears on the right list.

    I made up another backup to make sure and yet the error continues
  7. firplay

    firplay Guest

    fixed it thank you, it was my fault i had selected complete folder from PkgView as it was extracted and then find that inside was a subfolder with the same name of the game. Now working fine.

    just one another question can we install psp games like [UCUS98741] - ModNation Racers PSP???
  8. varinek

    varinek Guest

    I think not but you can try it. :p
  9. archy

    archy Guest

  10. it will work coz there is no lock on psp games as far as i know this is why you can install psp mini/remasters on cfw and dont need a rap/rif to activate license for it coz its free as far as i know

    Also there might be a way to activate rap/rif data using your idps.bin and act.dat but im not totally sure still working on this a lot of c to run thought
  11. cadaveros

    cadaveros Guest

    I have 2 unknown errors... its my log.
    Copying PS3 backup,  please wait..
    Copying PS3  backup was successfully completed.
    Obtaining UserID...
    Obtaining UserID  was succesful. 
    Searching PARAM.SFO ...
    File PARAM.SFO was found - Creating .edat file...
    File .edat created!
    Creating Working Directory...
    Working Directory are created.
    Copying NPEB01425 files into  Working Directory...
    PKG files were successully copied.
    Copying .edat file into Working Directory...
    File .edat for game NPEB01425 was successfully copied.
    Creating autorebuild trick...
    Autorebuild trick created.
    Installation PKG files... This process can take a few minutes.
    Installation PKG files was successful.
    Installation .edat file... This process can take a few minutes.
    Installation .edat file was successful.
    Moving the new created backup into folder Complete...
    Working Directory and useless files are deleted.
    All was running successfully. New created backup PS3 can be found in the folder Complete.
    But in Obtaining UserID was succesful. -no get my user ID, i placed manually. And in All was running successfully. New created backup PS3 can be found in the folder Complete. -folder complete is empty.

    Any ideas???
  12. Arturo RA

    Arturo RA Guest

    Sorry for the question, but how i can decompress a debug pkg file...

    Thank you in advance...
  13. Arturo RA

    Arturo RA Guest

    no it dont work, only keep crashing v1.84

    i can decompress with PS3 PKG Tool v0.5, the game is beyond two souls, and i can install the game using an empty edat file, and in the game it keeps saying that cannot register trophies error 8002291B, any help?
  14. vodafono

    vodafono Guest

    Very nice, thx
  15. AnaboL

    AnaboL Guest

    Good job!
  16. If PS1 classics can be added will this allow them to be downloaded on psp/vita from download list in ps store?
  17. game50

    game50 Guest

    Thank you