MuXport v2.1.0 - Easy Way to Add C00 Games Into PS3 Backups

Discussion in 'PS3 Hacks / JailBreak' started by Venushja, Jan 16, 2015.

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  1. Venushja

    Venushja Guest

    MuXport is a multi language, very easy utility to add PSN games which contains CONTENT_ID into PS3 OFW/CFW backup. No need manually creating edat files and searching for UserID. Support games with size up to 720GB and GUI supports now multiple add games. :) Special thanks for Kakaroto (ps3xport), DetrikSyS (split algo) and all translators.


    Changelog v2.1.0:

    • fix empty Complete folder bug
    • improved working speed
    • prestart clean process
    • add Russia translation credits for akela1979 (works only on Russian machines)

    Changelog v2.0.0:

    • completely rework GUI
    • multiple add games in GUI and list of added games
    • recovery trick (no need Rebuild Databes via Recovery Menu now)
    • game icon in GUI
    • fix bug with archive_xx.dat files (now moves into complete folder fine)
    • multi language support (add languages - Spanish credits for plasticos201193 and French credits for CaptainFry)
    • remove progress bar
    • add donate button
    • MuXport v2.1.0 - Video Guide


    • support backup up to 720GB and splitting files
    • multiple add games in GUI and list of added games
    • multi language support (languages - Slovak & German credits for lubek76, Portuguese credits for villeneuve, Italian credits for Francesco Lanzilotta, Spanish credits for plasticos201193 and French credits for CaptainFry)
    • exclusively for
    • easy GUI for users
    • good working speed
    • automatically searching PARAM.SFO
    • automatically creating .edat file (if PARAM.SFO is correctly and contains CONTENT_ID)
    • automatically identification UserID
    • recovery trick (now no need Rebuild Databes via Recovery Menu)
    • cleanup process
    • idps.bin file still need grab via idpstealer
    • game icon in GUI


    • need clean backup before you use MuXport or backup edited only via MuXport
    • idps.bin file still need grab via idpstealer


    Working/unworking list:


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    MuXport v2.1.0 - Video Guide

    Videdo guide for MuXport. Subtitles will be added later. ENJOY IT. :)

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  5. How did you install Far Cry 4?? Did you fix the split file bug??
  6. varinek

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    Ok, update MuXport to version v0.1.6 and edited tutorial how add multiple games in to backup. ENJOY IT. :p

    Sorry for my bad english. I hope that it is readable. :)
  7. regalx7

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    thank you :)
  8. episodejap

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    Good work guys
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    Very nice, if possible post / include a v1.6 changelog and then I will mainpage the update later tonight if you like :) +Rep to you both as well! :tup:
  10. varinek

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    Thank you, changelog has been added to the first post. :)
  11. Zuaum

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    Thank you!
  12. firplay

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    does any version of fifa will work?
  13. ZVV

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    Thank you!!!
  14. b4bx

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  15. ZVV

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    MuXport activated the TMNT: Turtles In Time Re-Shelled !!! Thank you very much for you work!!!
  16. varinek

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    I do not know about any version FIFA which contains C00 folder.

    EDIT: I found FIFA 14 with C00 folder via PSNStuff.

    EDIT2: FIFA 14 is not working. :(

    Thank you so much. We will add your translation in to next released. :tup:
  17. varinek

    varinek Guest

    Thank you so much. :cool: