Mamba / PRX Autoloader v3.1.0 (Unofficial) for PS3 CFW is Released

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    Following their previous update, the PS3ITA Team have now released Mamba / PRX Autoloader v3.1.0 (Unofficial) for PS3 Custom Firmware (CFW) users with the changes detailed below.

    Download: Funny_Mamba_Autoloader_Installer.pkg (52.4 MB) / GIT

    To quote, roughly translated: UNOFFICIAL MAMBA/PRX AUTOLOADER V3.1.0

    Finally we’ve added last puzzle piece, now Mamba supports also PSP ISO. Another great new feature is implementation of last fix included into COBRA 7.3, so no issue anymore with pad synchronization playing PS2 games. Thanks to Habib and Mysis for this!
    Fixed autoloader (new_core) problems with TMAPI.

    • [MAMBA] Add support to PSP ISO on CFW CEX/DEX 4.21, 4.30, 4.31, 4.40, 4.41, 4.46, 4,50, 4.53, 4.55, 4.60, 4,65, 4,66, 4,70, 4,75, 4,76, 4,78
    • [MAMBA/PS2_EMU] Implementation of COBRA 7.3
    • [MAMBA] Mamba applies patches to module even if you have modified sprx
    • [MAMBA] Minor changes to functions which apply needed patches to start PS2 ISO
    • [AUTOLOADER (NEW_CORE)] TMAPI now must work correctly
    • [FUNNY INSTALLER] After autoloader installing and uninstalling, PS3 system will be rebooted even if you use PS key for exit program.

    On some CFW (Ferrox, Playerkp420, ..) PSP ISO don’t work cause bad permissions issue on dev_flash tarballs related to these CFW. The only way is rebuild CFW with right permissions.

    • to Estwald first one take Mamba in payload format
    • to NzV for create Mamba/PRX Auto/Loader
    • to Joonie for all given tricks, for tests , Cobra developing.. (thanks Joonie :))
    • to Orion for providing us some CFW, some symbols and for all tests done (grazie :))
    • All peoples involved in these years improving COBRA: habib, aldostools, deank, KW (sorry if we’ve forgotten someone..)
    [imglink=|Mamba / PRX Autoloader v3.1.0 (Unofficial) for PS3 CFW is Released][/imglink]
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  2. pellepusur

    pellepusur Guest


    i wonder if this can be installed on latest OFW, and/ore is there some way to downgrade to 3.27
  3. misiozol

    misiozol Guest

    No, and depending on console.
  4. akimazaki

    akimazaki Guest

    Good mamba.. like a name
  5. jachie

    jachie Guest

    wow, this is useful. how i hope that i can install this on an OFW. my ps3 runs only on e3 ode. i know e3 has been dead for sometime now. no support from their website. i want to play psp iso & ps2 iso on my ps3 just like the features of this MAMBA/PRX AUTOLOADER V3.1.0
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