Linux on PS4: Fail0verflow Radeon Patches and PlayStation 4 3D Drivers

Discussion in 'PS4 Hacks / JailBreak' started by Gamain32, Jan 5, 2016.

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  1. Gamain32

    Gamain32 Guest

    That's great, it will make my gaming experience all the more better!
  2. marios8543

    marios8543 Guest

    Well the PS4 isnt that of a powerful console as the ps3 was at its time but Linux on it opens many new possibilities


    Great work, Cant wait to give this a go!
  4. stanchissimo

    stanchissimo Guest

    great news and great work, thanks to fail0verflow
  5. jarvis

    jarvis Guest


    I'm hoping the ultimate goal is a steam os implementation. Dual boot ps4 and steam on one machine in my living room? Hell yes!
  6. CesKuBA

    CesKuBA Guest

    Good job :) That's great news for me
  7. shummyr

    shummyr Guest

    This is awesome news (Y) :)

    DARKxSTAR Guest

    Awesome :tup: Can't wait.
  9. B7U3 C50SS

    B7U3 C50SS Guest

    nice job, fail0verfl0w!!
  10. Mackwa

    Mackwa Guest

    awesome, linux @ ps4 - great work fail0verfl0w!
  11. king

    king Guest

    hallo i hope all of you are fine.
    its time to rutern the fever.
    for daitails wach the weki pache