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The Zune HD Video Versus Blu-ray Debate Continues 300°
July 25, 2009 // 4:35 am - I can't recall a new media format taking as much heat from consumers and the press as I have seen with Blu-ray... tagging it as an unneeded upgrade to DVD and too expensive.

While there may be some truth to one of those arguments, no one should doubt the superior picture and sound quality the format produces.

Sure you can get a DVD player that upscales, but doing that just isn't up to HD quality let alone 1080p. The bottom line in regards to Blu-ray is that it is...


Zune Video on Xbox Live Could Finish Blu-ray for HD Streaming 350°
July 23, 2009 // 8:37 pm - Folks at E3 witnessed Microsoft instantly fast forward a streamed 1080p movie right at start up. But how could this be possible?

How can a streamed 1080p movie have instant access to every point of the movie? Doesn't it need to buffer that huge file? Could this be Blu-Ray's true competitor? Or perhaps the beginning of the end for Blu-Ray?

Let's face it, why can't Microsoft sell this same technology to other content distributors, such as Netflix. Or better yet, collaborate with them to create the biggest HD streaming option for consumers, while having the biggest movie...


Widespread Device Failures, Microsoft Facing Red Ring of Zune? 200°
January 1, 2009 // 11:38 pm - An as-yet unspecified number of Microsoft Zune 30s stopped working at exactly the same time across the US earlier this week.

Gizmodo reports that "the players began freezing at about midnight last night, becoming totally unresponsive and practically useless" and that the "crisis has been dubbed by Zune users 'Y2K9', due to the apparently synchronized faceplantings across the country."

A Gizmodo tipster explained that the Zune's appeared to "either reset, or were already off" and that "when turning on, the thing loads up and... freezes with a full loading bar... it seems...


Zune 80 Secret Leaked! 50°
November 11, 2007 // 3:36 am - Have you wondered why the Zune 80 only has 1 color to choose from? Have you wondered if Microsoft is hiding some big secret for launch day? According to our source inside of Microsoft, this information is absolutely top secret. Well, it was until now. Here is the exact leak from our source verbatim:

"...but there is something that Microsoft is holding onto releasing information about until Tuesday. They have been keeping this info very secret, as they want to get the "bang" effect when it is announced.

There is going to be an option from the Zune website called "ZUNE...


Old Zune users get ALL the new features! 50°
October 3, 2007 // 11:25 pm - From Gizmodo:

"The first generation 30GB Zune–which 1.2 million of you already purchased–is getting all the new Zune's features. All. Sure, the new Zune is more of a half step forward than a completely new design. But Microsoft's done something fantastic here by rewarding first gen buyers with cool new stuff that also happens to be free by software upgrade. And talk about spin– Microsoft just took a middling jump in hardware and turned it into a genuinely good move for loyalists (as well as a PR miracle). Are you paying attention Apple?"


New Zunes to take on Apple's iPod 50°
October 3, 2007 // 11:25 pm - Microsoft has launched three new models of its Zune digital media player in an effort to compete with Apple's iPod.

The players - which come in 4GB, 8GB and 80GB models - have wi-fi so users can automatically download music, photos, and video from their computer.

Microsoft is also launching a social networking site dubbed Zune Social to allow users to display and share music.


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