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XBReboot v0.05 8955_1 for Zephyr, Falcon and Jasper-16 is out!

274w ago - As a follow-up to the previous release comes XBReboot v0.05 8955_1 for Zephyr, Falcon and Jasper-16 today.

They are all available with the latest 8955_1 patch revision now, so each 16mb motherboard can now run XBR v0.05 8955_1!

Only support for Jasper 256/512mb motherboards is still missing now. Don't forget to inject your own KeyVault and Config before flashing.

Download: XBR Zephyr 8955_1 / XBR Falcon 8955_1 / XBR Jasper 16 8955_1 / 360 Flash Tool v0.90 / FindSecData v0.61

XBReboot Block Layout:

Ox00 - 0x2F 4548 boot FW
0x30 - 0x3F Backup Xell
0x40 - 0x4F XBRfw.bin Rebooter core
0x50 - 0xBF Patch.bin Kernel and patches
0xC0 - 0x?? Flash file system

Version: XBRfw 0.5beta Initial
The fw version need not change for any given Patch.bin


XBReboot v0.05-1 for XBox 360 with Automatic XEX Detection out!

274w ago - An update to the previously released XBReboot v0.05 is now available, XBReboot v0.05-1 is more stable and easier to use.

XBReboot v0.05-1 provides automatic XEX detection (Dev or Retail), as well as PIRS support (no more need to unpack and repack PIRS files).

Download: XBReboot v0.05-1 / XBReboot v0.05-1 [Mirror]

From the ReadMe File Notes:

• There is no need to unpack and repack pirs files!

• This is a limitation of freeboot. Not XBR.

• Aside from that major difference, all functionality is the same.

• Individual sections can be updated or extracted separately using nandpro.

• The image can be made to work for all 16M consoles.

• The standard method of using build.py can be used to change the 4548 boot FW portion of the flash to the console type.

XBReboot v0.05: OnBoard NAND XDK XBox 360 Homebrew Arrives

274w ago - Following up the earlier FreeBoot v0.2 release comes another from ikari, this time it's XBReboot v0.05 for Xenon motherboards which is an onboard NAND XDK XBox 360 homebrew solution!

Download: XBReboot v0.05 / XBReboot v0.05 [Mirror]

From the ReadMe File: More early xmas presents with XBReboot v0.05! Like freeBOOT v0.02 it will reboot into a patched 8955 kernel.

However, this one can be flashed directly in your onboard NAND flash, no need for a 2-nand solution. Before flashing it on your system, you will have to dump your console specific KeyVault (kv.bin) from your dumped Xbox 360 NAND image and put it inside the hacked image with nandpro:

nandpro 7371.bin: -r16 kv.bin 1 1
nandpro xbr.bin: -w16 kv.bin 1 1

Afaik, this initial version of XBReboot will only work on Xenon (v1) motherboards, but it's probably only a matter of time before it's made for other motherboard revisions.

Again, this hack relies on the JTAG hack to boot into XeLL from where it will do the reboot to the patched 8955 with virtual fuses,...
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