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Nintendo Wii Sun Driver SATA Version Review 400°
December 30, 2009 // 9:40 pm - Sun Driver (SATA version) arrives with very nice and simple retail packaging and a couple hdd's ready to be tested!

Installation is very simple (no harder than replacing the drive)

The fit for power, flat cable and sata data/power are all very solid (sata connections are especially tight which is nice because I've some cheap sata connectors on other devices where the cable can fall out if bumped)

2.5in hdd fit's nicely as expected. The tight power/data connection and 2 mounting screws are more than enough to keep the hdd in place and secure.

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WD Launches 1TB and 750GB 2.5-Inch SATA Scorpio Blue HDDs 350°
July 27, 2009 // 8:08 am - Today Western Digital has started shipping the world's first 1TB 2.5-inch drive, part of the WD Scorpio Blue series, as well as a 750GB drive.

Here are the details from their Web site, to quote:

WD Scorpio Blue 2.5-inch drives offer high-performance, low power consumption and cool operation, making them ideal for notebooks and other portable devices.

Key Features

Massive capacity - Whether they are in an external drive or a notebook computer, WD Scorpio Blue...

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Matrix WiiZii Mod Hooks to External SATA HDD for iSO Loading 50°
January 16, 2009 // 11:45 pm - Though only a small fraction of Wii owners will ever mod their console, there's something strangely comforting to our status as a species that it's imminently doable.

The latest in this long line of Wii hacks is the WiiZii, which is termed a "plug and play" no-solder method of playing Wii backups and other fun modchip-style stuff.

WiiZii has an upgradable firmware, and is being touted as "future proof" against any forthcoming attempts by Nintendo to block it, but what's really exciting is the external SATA connector for extra-speedy iSO loads off of your favorite SATA...

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3.5" 500 GB SATA Hard Drive Housing Project for PS3 100°
April 17, 2008 // 5:34 pm - Milky_Joe has created an interesting looking 3.5" PS3 Hard Disk holder for a school project. The inspiration for the the project was that 3.5" Hard Drives were a lot cheaper than 2.5" equivalents.

To quote: The case itself was constructed from black acrylic sheets (3mm thick for the dimension lovers out there) that were cut to shape with a laser cutter and moulded were necessary (i.e the top and bottom panels).

The pieces were stuck together using a chemical known as diachloromethane (I could give you the atomic structure if you wanted) which dissolves plastics...

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Update on first working SATA-PC drive on X-Box 360! 50°
October 7, 2007 // 11:33 pm - Here is a progress update on the first working SATA-PC drive on X-Box 360.. it will hopefully be possible in the future to run a iXtreme variant on this drive.

To quote TMF: The Philips DROM6316 drive is still using x360 retail benq firmware and dvd key. A small modification enables to run backups.

(please don't ask for the firmware, it's not my project and still not finished!!) Eject function is now almost fixed. Open/close tray options also works through dashboard.

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