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StarCraft II BETA Invites for the PC Have Started

StarCraft II BETA Invites for the PC Have Started 50°
311w ago - Update: It appears that everyone who registers a Battle.net account is automatically entered in to the beta opt-in for StarCraft II Beta. Only random selected members actually get invited though. Regardless, it's a good idea to check your preferences to make sure you are!

With the with the re-launch of Battle.net recently, Blizzard have also started the StarCraft II Beta opt-in program.

Randomly selected account holders of a Battle.net account will get an invitation to join the anticipated Beta.

Shortly after the new version of Battle.net was launched, fans could create accounts, log on and add games to the account for free download whenever they need it.

Some features are not working perfectly for all regions, but the site is live, and some fans reported getting invitations to the StarCraft II closed beta, which has not yet been given a release date.

For everyone interested, further details are available on the StarCraft network site.

Video: StarCraft Running on the PS3 via Qemu & YDL with Guide!

Video: StarCraft Running on the PS3 via Qemu & YDL with Guide! 250°
313w ago - Using Yellow Dog Linux on the PlayStation 3, efaustus9 used Qemu to emulate Windows 95 on the platform, allowing him to run StarCraft. To quote:

Want to run windows apps on your PS3? Windows runs on about 90% of home computers, consequently most software and games are designed for that OS. Wine is a good option for running windows apps in linux.

However it requires a x86 CPU and thus will not run on the PPC processor found in the ps3. So how do you run windows apps on the ps3? Qemu is how. Qemu runs windows in virtualization. Not the most efficient way to run win apps but it works.

In this video I use Qemu to emulate the relatively resource light Windows 95 in yellow dog linux on the ps3. I also use the fscaler tool to utilize the cells spe's and enlarge the image with out taking a performance hit.

As you can see the classic starcraft is quite playable all from the comfort of my living room. Want to try the same on your PS3? Check out my Playstation 3 Yellow Dog Linux 6.x Guide.

I will presume you already have YDL installed with a working internet connection. If you do not have either or both see my guide above....

PC Zone: StarCraft II Preview!

PC Zone: StarCraft II Preview! 50°
356w ago - What were you doing in 1998? Chances are if you owned a PC you were playing StarCraft, a breakneck RTS from the creators of World of Warcraft. On its release, StarCraft blew through the RTS genre like a cyclone, generating a fanatical fan base that still thrives to this very day, especially in South Korea.

The game's allure stemmed from the diversity of its three factions, each of which required a radically different approach to annihilate the enemy. Now, a decade on, these three warring races - the technologically advanced, cybernetically enhanced Protoss; the determined, conventional Terrans (humans); and the insectoid warrior Zerg - are set to clash once again in a battle for supremacy.

Journey with me now to a room rammed with networked machines and games journos at Blizzard's LA offices.Next to me sits a representative from a German StarCraft fan site, who sobs gently as he strokes the hairy hide of a 3D Ultralisk (a massive Zerg unit), a decade-long wet dream a reality.

For the next two days we've been given unrestricted access to the latest multiplayer build of StarCraft II. With Blizzard having already revealed the revamped Terran and Protoss races, we've been invited here for a world-exclusive reveal of the game's final race, the Zerg.

"StarCraft II is the best strategy...

StarCraft 2 Delayed until 2009

StarCraft 2 Delayed until 2009 500°
374w ago - Source from anonymous Activision Blizzard tells me that Starcraft 2 for pc which was supposed to come out Oct. of 2007 originally then in 2008 was pushed back to 2009.

This delay was caused by the recent merger of two companies.

I know it stinks, but this source tells me that this game got a overhaul since the beta and looks so much different.

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