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Video: Spoiler Alert - Resistance 2 Ending Hints of Resistance 3?

Video: Spoiler Alert - Resistance 2 Ending Hints of Resistance 3? 50°
330w ago - Many Resistance 2 reviewers have said that the game leaves many questions unanswered and has got them thinking about Resistance 3 already. The game's ending also appears to hint at Resistance 3.

Needless to say, if you haven't beaten the game yet you may wish to take heed of the Spoiler Alert and pass on watching the video below.

For those who don't mind spoilers, the video comes courtesy of slaesil via YouTube and the caption simply states: "THE END OF RESISTANCE 2"

Feel free to comment below if you think a Resistance 3 will follow!


Video: Spoiler Alert - Resistance 2 opening cinematic

Video: Spoiler Alert - Resistance 2 opening cinematic 50°
340w ago - If you want to buy Resistance 2 and enter the experience fresh, then avert your eyes and ears and move onto something else. If not, GameTrailers has posted an off-screen video of the opening cinematic for Resistance 2.

The cinematic begins where the first Resistance title left off, showing Nathan Hale being taken hostage by an unknown group of soldiers.

Hale proceeds to be shot with sedatives, after which he's told that he's being taken to Iceland where he will undergo tests before being shipped to the mainland.

Again, for those not wishing to spoil the opening moments of the game, turn away now. For the rest of you, check out the video below.


Spoiler: GTA IV Intro plus a little Game Play video!

Spoiler: GTA IV Intro plus a little Game Play video! 50°
358w ago - Update: The previous videos were removed fairly quickly, but those who wish to see it can check it out via MetaCafe now linked below.

For those of you who like spoilers, someone has posted the 7 minute intro of GTA IV and a little bit of game play on YouTube and GameTrailers. Check it out below (if you just want to see the game play skip to 6:18).



Spoiler Alert: Halo 3 Leaked Ending!

Spoiler Alert: Halo 3 Leaked Ending! 50°
389w ago - mcrgreenday21 has posted a video (below) on the recently leaked Halo 3 ending. Those who don't enjoy spoilers should obviously not watch it

In related news, according to GamesRadar.com UK high street retailer Argos blames a 'Genuine administrative error' for the broken Halo 3 street date stating:

"Argos would like to make it clear that it does not endorse breaking street dates and continues to be committed to preventing pre-release sales through its stores and web site.

However, we are aware that a genuine administrative error has resulted in a small number of cases where Halo 3 has already been sold. We are currently ensuring that there are no further sales of this product in-store until the official release date, Wednesday 26 September. We have already taken steps to ensure that Halo 3 is unavailable on the Argos web site for reservation or purchase until the correct date.

We accept that this incident falls short of the usual high standards we aim to achieve and operate within and we will be taking steps to ensure this doesn't happen in the future."

More Halo 3 leaks and spoilers hit the net!

More Halo 3 leaks and spoilers hit the net! 50°
389w ago - Halo3Forum members managed to get their hands on a copy of Halo 3 now, and all eleven multiplayer maps have been revealed and more including a video. Keep in mind, if you don't like spoliers then you may wish to hold off checking it out... and they are also taking picture requests in their Forums to satisfy any skeptics.

Download: Halo 3 Video

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