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Rumor: Sony PS3 Blu-ray Drive Emulation PCB in Development 1300°
160w ago - Today we received word from Dutch site (ConsoleWinkel) of a rumor that a Sony PS3 Blu-ray drive emulation PCB is currently in development which will allow users to unlock their PlayStation 3 console without the use of Custom Firmware or dongles.

Reportedly they have been in contact with

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Sony's PS3 to Get Officially Licensed 500GB External Hard Drive 550°
276w ago - In order to accomodate the Torne digital TV recorder add-on announced for Japan, Sony's PS3 will be getting an officially licensed 500GB external hard drive next month.

PC hardware maker Buffalo announced today news of two external hard drives that have been granted official...

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Rumor: Sony's PlayStation Portable 2 to Drop UMD Drive 200°
325w ago - In a recent Twitter post (linked above), Earthworm Jim creator Dave Perry hinted that Sony is planning to remove the UMD drive from their next PlayStation Portable console.. which he dubs simply PSP2.

To quote: "I hear Sony FINALLY has the PSP 2. And thank goodness, they've removed the stupid battery-sucking UMD disc drive.

I'm excited!"

11:04 PM Feb 23rd from Web

Only time will tell...

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Tretton: Sony Considering PSP with Hard Drive 400°
357w ago - According to Jack Tretton, Sony is considering a PSP with a hard drive. Tretton reportedly said that "with the recently announced ability to purchase movies on a PlayStation 3 and move them over to a PlayStation Portable, and as the cost of memory continues to drop, the chance that a new PlayStation Portable would include some sort of internal storage option is becoming increasingly likely."

To quote: Sony has thought about and...

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Sony NEC Optiarc: Sub $100 Blu-ray Combo Drives for Holidays? 50°
363w ago - The market for optical drives is really tough, as it is defined by tremendous quantities at very high cost pressure. Simple DVD drives don't cost more than a few dollars, and even a decent DVD burner can be purchased for less than $40.

At the same time, every new PC or notebook comes with at least one optical drives, so the amount of optical drives always equals the amount of systems sold plus x, where x stands for enthusiast users...

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Sony considering external PS3 hard drive? 400°
367w ago - SCEE boss David Reeves has hinted that Sony may at some point consider releasing Official external PS3 HDD's.

"We launched with 60GB and to reduce the price we went to 40GB. We're not sure we want to stay with that configuration of hard drive, and I think what you're going to see in the future is maybe consumers can choose.

The PlayStation will stay the same, but consumers can choose whichever size of hard drive...

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Sony prepares 5x boost to hard drive storage with new technology 50°
376w ago - Sony has revealed a new type of technology that will will allow it to make larger hard drives possible even with notebooks.

Instead of using a traditional magnetic read/write head, the new development utilizes a hybrid of magnetic optical technology to increase the density. Therfore, a full terabit can fit on a single square inch, which is five times the space of a traditional drive.

To quote: Sony has revealed a new technology...

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Sony Drive 'It will be born soon' teaser page up.. WTH?! 50°
399w ago - Sony has put up a teaser page for Sony Drive at and are leaving it up to visitors to guess what their new product will be.

Maybe a portable PC.. anyone have any guesses?

Time will tell for sure...

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