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Another World PS3 Homebrew Game & PSARC PS3 Extractor Out 750°
October 16, 2011 // 9:59 pm - This weekend French PlayStation 3 developer Bobby6killer has shared a PS3 homebrew game port of Another World v0.1.0 and also made available a PSARC PS3 extractor for Linux below.

Download: Another World PS3 Homebrew Game v0.1.0 (PKG) / Another World PS3 Homebrew Game v0.1.0 (Source Code) / PSARC PS3 Extractor for Linux v0.1.1 / PSARC PS3 Extractor for Linux v0.1.2...

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PSP PSARDumper for PSP Firmware 6.00, 6.10 and 6.20 Arrives 350°
February 11, 2010 // 8:34 pm - Today bbtgp has updated PSP PSARDumper to support PlayStation Portable Firmware versions 6.00, 6.10 and 6.20.

For those unaware, PSARDumper is a PSP homebrew utility which allows you to dump and decrypt PSP Firmware updates.

Download: PSP PSARDumper for PSP Firmware 6.XX

Developer's note, to quote: Here is the psardumper for 6.00 6.10 and 6.20. It supports 01g and 02g kernel decryption.

Luckily the keys where the same for all the eboots so I only had the crack the 6.20 keys....

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PSP PSARDumper With PSP-3000 Module Decryption Released 50°
November 19, 2008 // 9:22 pm - PSP hacker Dark_AleX has released PSARDumper with PSP-3000 Module Decryption today. This updates allows to decrypt 5.00,01 modules of the PSP-3000.

Download: PSARDumper With PSP-3000 Module Decryption / PSARDumper With PSP-3000 Module Decryption [Mirror]

To quote: Firstly, to avoid misunderstanding: This program is NOT for psp 3000. It is for psp1000/2000, but it allows the decryption of psp 3000 prx's for researching purposes.

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PlayStation Portable PSARDumper for 5.00 Decryption Released! 100°
October 16, 2008 // 12:39 am - With the release of PlayStation Portable Firmware 5.00 yesterday, PSP hacker Dark_AleX has made available PSARDumper for 5.00 Decryption.

Download: PSP PSARDumper for 5.00 / PSP PSARDumper for 5.00 [Mirror]

From the ReadMe file: This is psardumper for 5.00. The table format has changed due to the inclusion of PSP3000.


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RS PSAR Dumper v2.2 for PSP out now! 100°
January 30, 2008 // 3:02 pm - Red Squirrel has updated his PSAR Dumper for PSP today to v2.2!

Download: RS PSAR Dumper v2.2 for PSP

To quote: This is my new update to RS PSAR Dumper. The changelog is very simple: ADDED COMPATIBILITY FOR 3.90 EBOOT!

Note: I want to remember to you that to make RS PSAR Dumper compatible with 3.80-3.90 EBOOTs you need pspdecrypt.prx taken from 3.80 PSAR Dumper by HelldashX.

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PSP v3.80 PSARDumper & KLE4/KL3E Decompressor released! 50°
December 28, 2007 // 12:45 pm - Coolj has released a PSP v3.80 PSARDumper & KL4E/KL3E decompressor today!

Download: PSP v3.80 PSARDumper & KLE4/KL3E Decompressor / PSP v3.80 PSARDumper & KLE4/KL3E Decompressor [Mirror]

This has apparently been confirmed as working, with users decrypting the 3.80 POPS and finding it has the same 3 GameIDs that 3.72 had.

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PSP Firmware v3.71 Decrypted; PSAR Dumper updated! 50°
September 13, 2007 // 7:05 pm - Today M33 have decrypted v3.71 Firmware, and below are the details from their PSAR Dumper update:

Download: PSARDumper v3.7x [Archive Pass: PSARDUMPER_FOR_NEW_AGE]

This is a recode of psardumper for 2.XX & 3.XX kernels.

If you are in a cfw of the fat psp, be sure to put it in GAME3XX or in GAME if you have it configured for 3.XX kernel.

Support for 3.7X decryption has also been added.

The instructions are same as for original psardumper, except that you don't need...

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