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PS3 Theme Builder v3.0 Update Now Available

312w ago - Recently Lili-Chan has updated PS3 Theme Builder to v3.0, which is now available for those interested in PS3 Theme creation.

Download: PS3 Theme Builder 3.0 (Upgrade Only)

PS3 Theme Builder 3.0 contains numerous updates, including but not limited to the following:

• The application now opens / extracts P3T files automatically, when selecting one using the File > Open command or clicking on the Open button.

• There is a new companion application "Icon Manager". The Icon manager allows users to define new icons definitions as they are released by Sony, eliminating the need for an incremental updates to the application when Sony releases new Icons.

• The application detects if JPG files are saved in non-standard formats (e.g. progressive, or Huffman encoding) and informs the user that the image is not valid.

• After a successful compile, the application cleans up all the .GIM files.

• We have implemented checks that will prevent users from saving / building themes that have "Junk" names (e.g. Blank, undefined, sample, etc...).

• The Genre field has been changed into a combo box with several pre-defined selections available; however...

PS3 Theme Builder, PS3 Theme Creator, Xross Media Simulator out!

339w ago - Before the month's end, a few updates we missed are from earlier this month as follows:

Lili-Chan has updated to PS3 Theme Builder v2.3 followed by PS3 Theme Builder v2.3a (changelogs below). He also released PS3 Xross Media Simulator v1.0 recently.

In related news, A.R.K. has updated to PS3 Theme Creator v1.7 (FW 2.4 Patch) which includes support for 2.4 FW Themes, and gets patch-updated to PS3 Theme Creator v1.6.

PS3 Theme Builder v2.3a Changelog:

- Sounds Effects will now work in conjunction with the new icons.
- Fixed a bug that was causing some themes to fail to compile
- Bundled the Xross Media Simulator into the application. The Xross Media Simulator replaces the existing 'Test Drive' Functionality.

I have also made the first release of Xross Media Simulator. This can be downloaded as part of the PS3 Theme Builder or it can downloaded as a standalone application. This tool allows you to preview theme in 720p resolution....

PlayStation 3 Theme Builder v2.1 released!

377w ago - Sbcroix has updated PS3 Theme Builder today! As always, changes are detailed below:

Download: PS3 Theme Builder v2.1

  • Added Support for including Sound effects into your theme.
  • Added XMB background to the previews.
  • Added color to the previews.
  • Fixed German / Spanish bug causing the update dialog to always display.
  • Fixed Pointer Icon Delete button.
  • Fixed Background Set Add button (it's now consistent).
  • Fixed assembly version. The application was reporting it was version in the about box when it was actually, now it's
  • Some error messages were showing a rn in the middle.... I fixed that.
  • Moved the "Test Drive" button so it can be used easily on any tab.
  • Added support to upload to themes - this returns BB / HTML code you can use to post your theme out on the tubes.


    PS3 Theme Builder v2.0 released!

    378w ago - Sbcroix has updated PS3 Theme Builder today!

    Download: PS3 Theme Builder v2.0 / PS3 Theme Builder v2.0 Installer

    New Features Include:

  • Limited my Egg Nog consumption so the release notes would be better
  • Fixed the bug that was causing the application fail for some users on startup.
  • Finished refactoring code, app should be faster, less memory hogging now.
  • Added support for localized versions of the software.
    Added ability to cycle through the backgrounds during Test Drive.
  • Added ability to save the current test drive view as the preview.
  • All icons can now be deleted.
  • Local information is fully supported now.
  • A creator icon can be created for each supported language.
  • A theme icon can be created for each supported language.
  • Pointer Hotspots and icons fully functional.
  • Theme Extractor fully functional
  • Fixed a bunch of other bugs.

    PS3 Theme Builder v1.6.1 released!

    379w ago - Sbcroix has updated to PS3 Theme Builder v1.6.1 today, with the following changes:

    Download: PS3 Theme Builder v1.6.1

    v1.6.1 Changelog:

  • Fixed the error that was causing the could not find the p3textractor dialog to show no matter what.
  • Additional Bug Fixes
  • Refactored a whole bunch of code
  • Added ability to copy P3T files to a USB drive
  • Added ability to create themes from p3t files
  • Added ability to remove Icons
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