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XBSlink is Working with PS3 for Multiplayer via P2P Connection

225w ago - A little over a week ago a guide was posted on how to play online using a JailBroken PS3 with XLink Kai, and today bumax reports that XBSlink is working with the PS3 also for multiplayer games via P2P connection.

Download: XBSlink Setup v0.8.3.3

To quote: XBSLink is client/server to enable local network multiplayer games over the Internet just like XLink Kai, the only difference is that it's a P2P connection!

How is XBSlink different to Xlink Kai/xbconnect?

In difference to other Systemlink proxies, XBSlink is purely P2P with no server infrastructure. No server connection or specialized game browser service is necessary.

You are not dependent on any other factors. All packets in and out are 100% between the client nodes itself. The program was developed to get the last bit of speed/ping time thats possible. And to know, that no other data than the game packets itself is send to the internet.

From developer I asked if this could work with PS3 and he said, YES.

With "enable special MAC list" -feature.
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