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CoD: Black Ops Hackers Hit with PS3 Firmware 3.56 Ban Hammer 1300°
January 27, 2011 // 8:31 pm - Previously the possibility of PSN bans was rumored for PlayStation 3 hackers, and today (linked above) has confirmed that CoD: Black Ops PS3 hackers are now being hit with the PS3 Firmware 3.56 ban hammer.

To quote: Explained by Sony as a "security update" its effects are being felt by accused modders/hackers. CoD: BlOps hackers are getting hit hardest with a permanent...


Rumor: Hip-hop Artist MC Hammer to Meet With Activision 50°
December 15, 2008 // 10:27 pm - According to numerous reports, MC Hammer made an entry on Twitter which stated "I got one day to recover, then it's LA to Activision to get a glance of a top secret project on Monday... Cannot wait!"

To quote: Hip-hop artist MC Hammer must have heard that Soulja Boi was getting his own video game and thought, "Hey, wait a minute - I'm just as untalented as him! Where's my video game deal?" It seems he's having a meeting with Activision today to do... God knows what.

According to Destructoid,...


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