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You searched the database for ps3 amiga emulator. Below are the results for your ps3 amiga emulator search:

PS3 Amiga Emulator is Updated to E-UAE v0.8.29 WIP4 PS3 r7 700°
March 22, 2011 // 6:19 pm - Today Ole has updated his homebrew Amiga Emulator for PlayStation 3 to E-UAE v0.8.29 WIP4 PS3 r7 followed by revision 8 among some others, with the recent changes detailed below.

Download: E-UAE v0.8.29 WIP4 PS3 r7 / E-UAE v0.8.29 WIP4 PS3 r7 SRC / E-UAE v0.8.29 WIP4 PS3 r8 / E-UAE v0.8.29 WIP4 PS3...


E-UAE v0.8.25 R3 - Amiga Emulator Port for PS3 Arrives 700°
February 5, 2011 // 6:56 pm - Today an Amiga Emulator Port by Ole for PS3 dubbed E-UAE v0.8.25 R3 has arrived, which is compiled by the PSL1GHT SDK and libraries and includes source code and followed by some revisions below courtesy of MickJT.

Download: E-UAE v0.8.25 R3 Amiga Emulator Port for PS3 / E-UAE v0.8.25 R3 Amiga Emulator Port for PS3 (Source Code) / E-UAE v0.8.29 R1 Amiga...


PSPUAE v0.71 Amiga Emulator for PSP released! 50°
March 20, 2008 // 1:56 pm - PSPUAE has released an update to their Commodore Amiga series emulator for PSP.

PSPUAE version 0.71 is a fairly minor update, featuring stereo separation control and several notable bug fixes. The complete list of changes and improvements can be found below.

Download: PSPUAE v0.71 Amiga Emulator for PSP [Right-click, Save As]


* Fixed, not saving Frameskip setting (thanks to horace, for making me see the code clearly)
* Added left / right sound...


PSPUAE v0.70 Amiga Emulator for PSP out now! 100°
February 23, 2008 // 7:45 pm - PSPUAE have released an update to their UAE Amiga emulator for PSP. The complete changelog for PSPUAE v0.70 is detailed below.

Download: PSPUAE v0.70

v0.70 Changelog:

* Added alot of Rics FAMEC code and optimisations. (Gave some speed increase)
* Altered Hsync handler. (Removes slow down when sprites on screen, with CPU = MAX)
* Altered CPU CYCLE UNIT to 256 (Gave the most speed increase)
* Altered CHIPSET settings (To fall inline with CPU CYCLE UNIT change,...


PSP UAE4ALL r1 Amiga Emulator out now! 50°
January 16, 2008 // 12:01 pm - TTYman released UAE4ALL today, which is an Amiga emulator for PSP based on UAE4ALL, unlike PSPUAE which is based directly on E-UAE.

Download: PSP UAE4ALL r1

Specific Features:

- Based on latest Chui's Dreamcast UAE4ALL and notaz's uae4all gp2x v0.7.2a optimized blitter routines;
- Maximum speedup hacks using single precision math hardware support;
- full screen hardware scaled support;
- Fixed Overclock to 333 MHz while emulating, 222 MHz in...


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