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PS4 System Software 2.00 Preview - USB Music Player, Details 750°
26w ago - Sony Product Planning and Software Innovation Director Scott McCarthy shared a preview of PS4 System Software 2.00 today, which features a USB Music Player, new Home Screen colors and more with screenshots...

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Video: Sony Reveals PlayStation Home 1.65 Client Update, Details 50°
156w ago - Sony PlayStation Digital Platforms Community Manager Cade Peterson has revealed PlayStation Home 1.65 Client update details today, including beats by Dr. Dre, new x7 exclusives and more outlined below.

To quote: This Wednesday, April 25th, PlayStation Home gets an exciting core client update to version 1.65, the gorgeous Island Bungalow Personal Space releases to the public, beats by Dr. Dre arrive, new x7 exclusive early-access...

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Video: PlayStation Home Releases v1.60 Update Patch and Details 200°
175w ago - Sony Community Manager Locust_Star has announced today that PlayStation Home update patch version 1.60 will be arriving this Thursday with details below, as follows:

This Thursday, December 8th, we will release the latest update to the PlayStation Home client.

PlayStation Home version 1.60 delivers a wealth of improvements and updates to the core client, not the least of which is a doubling of the item placement limit...

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Sony Announces PlayStation Home 1.5, Sodium Space and More 50°
209w ago - Sony's PS Home Community Specialist GlassWalls has announced the arrival of PlayStation Home version 1.5 update with the addition of a Sodium Personal Space and an Aurora War Event.

To quote: PlayStation Home will be taken offline this evening for our weekly content publish.

While this downtime will occur approximately 24 hours earlier than what you have become accustomed to per our regular schedule, when the doors...

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PlayStation Home 1.4 Update Arrives: Voice Chat, Groups & More! 500°
231w ago - A few days ago PlayStation Home Client Update version 1.4 was first announced, complete with a changelog and features, and today SCEE's Home Community Lead Alex Weekes has shared some last-minute launch details, as follows:

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PlayStation Home Client Update 1.4 Arrives November 11, 2010 250°
232w ago - Today SCEE Home Community Lead Alex Weekes has announced that PlayStation Home Client Update 1.4 arrives during scheduled maintenance on November 11, 2010.

To quote: Today I can finally announce a release date for the newest client update for PlayStation Home and also share some of the exciting new and revised features!

So, without further ado: PS Home client update 1.4 will be released during maintenance next Thursday,...

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Heavy Pets, LucasArts & Hudson Gate Update in PlayStation Home 50°
233w ago - SCEE Home Community Lead Alex Weekes has shared this weeks PlayStation Home content updates today, which include Heavy Pets, LucasArts, a Hudson Gate update and more!

To quote: Dolphy racing in the Hudson Gate space has proven quite popular since the space was released. We are therefore very pleased to announce that the space will be updated this week with a new course!

Does your Dolphy have the right mix of stamina,...

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Video: Wise Man Update and New Wings in PlayStation Home 50°
246w ago - Sony Europe's Home Community Lead Alex Weekes has shared a brief Wise Man and Wings update and video today, both of which are part of this weeks new PlayStation Home content.

To quote: It's that time of week again, where we let you know about the new content due to be released during Thursday's maintenance.


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Sony Details Patch Notes for PlayStation Home Update v1.36 300°
255w ago - Today Sony's Home Community Manager CydoniaX revealed that PlayStation Home is being updated to version 1.36 and has detailed the patch notes, as follows:

Just a reminder that Home will be down starting at 2amPST/5am EST tonight, Tuesday, June 1st, 2010, and will be down for a short time. In the meantime, here are the Patch Notes for te 1.36 update.

Patch Notes Improvements:

•We have reduced the time...

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PlayStation Home: MAG Clothing & Furniture, Plus MyDeco Update 50°
262w ago - SCEE Home Community Lead Alex Weekes shared this week's European PlayStation Home update today, which includes MAG clothing and furniture plus a MyDeco update.

To quote: This week we bring you more MAG content! Show off your faction allegiance in style with new sets of armour. There's the Ballistic Armour set for S.V.E.R., Reinforced Composite Armour for Raven, while for Valor there's the Reinforced Fibre Armour.

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