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ModNation Racers PSP: Props and Obstacles Exposed 50°
April 7, 2010 // 3:54 pm - Producer Vernon Mollette of SCEA San Diego Studio has shared details on props and obstacles alongside fresh screens today of ModNation Racers PSP.

To quote: In today's post, I'll be populating that same track with a variety of the props available for use in our Track Studio - Seaside Theme. While I'll only be showing one theme for this post, be sure to keep in mind that we will have four themes available when the game launches on May 25th!

So I've got the foundation of my track already in place and am now ready to throw down some props. There are some things on...


Resistance 2 Easter Egg Gives Props to Metal Gear Solid 4 100°
November 9, 2008 // 7:25 pm - You know, Easter Eggs are always fun little secrets to seek out -- such as this one from Resistance 2, which candidly gives a shout out to Konami's Metal Gear Solid 4.

Reader Jay stumbled upon this "MGS4PWNS" sign in co-op mode. It looks like the ladies and gents at Insomniac have enjoyed MGS4 quite a bit. And why not? It's great.

To see the EE for yourself, just check out the Spec Op's ammo crate after "prototype ammo berserk" has been activated.

We haven't tried this ourselves yet this weekend, but we're sure we'll run into it sometime. So how about...


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