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Video: PS Vita Dual Firmware Boot Proof-of-Concept Demo Arrives 750°
January 21, 2014 // 8:55 pm - Today Sony PlayStation Vita hacker Katsu released a VPS Vita Dual Firmware Boot Proof-of-Concept demo video with details below.

To quote: It didn’t take long for Yifan Lu’s investigations to become useful for other hardware hackers! Our community member katsu, guided by Yifan’s precise description of the Vita’s NAND pinouts, was able to hack his PS Vita in order to boot from a previous firmware, technically performing something very similar to a downgrade. Check the video below, it’s cool and full of “electronicsporn”, like your favorite...


Kill3r's PS3 Key Finder Proof Of Concept (POC) is Now Available 550°
November 3, 2012 // 4:38 am - Following up on all the recent PlayStation 3 Keys leaked, today French developers Kill3r and Winch03200 have made available a POC tool they call Kill3r's PS3 Keys Finder with details outlined below.

Download: Kill3r's PS3 Keys Finder POC / PS3...


GroovyManager PS3 File Manager Proof Of Concept is Available 750°
September 18, 2010 // 4:18 pm - I've created my first POC (proof of concept) version of my PS3 file manager called GroovyManager, with Groovy Installer now also added below as the first update!

This version is VERY basic. I was more concerned with functionality than beauty in this version.

Download: GroovyManager PS3 File Manager Proof Of Concept / Groovy Installer

The main screen is very plain:

Your only option is entering the...


Video: Nintendo Wii WODE - WiFi Proof of Concept Demo 250°
November 17, 2009 // 9:44 am - Last month we unveiled the Nintendo Wii WODE final design pictures and specifications alongside some Defcon1 demos, and today wodedev has made available (below) a WODE WiFi proof of concept demo video.

To quote from the video's caption: "Proof of Concept Demo, Wode playing Farcry ISO from a SAMBA share on a PC. PC and Wode are connected via a WiFi router."

Those interested...


Video: Zod's PSX4Pandora PSX Emulator Proof-Of-Concept 200°
October 11, 2008 // 7:40 pm - Courtesy of MWeston2 via YouTube, a new video is available of a PSX emulator running on the open source portable Pandora console.

It's not running at full speed, but apparently once it utilizes OpenGL it will easily be able to emulate at full speed!

To quote: This is just a zoomed out video of PSX4Pandora to show it's real. There's nothing new here, but just a proof of concept video that was sitting on my camera.

Sound works with one kernel and the gamepad works with another so it's still a work in progress due to OSS incompatibilities in the kernels....


Wii Linux Proof-of-Concept v0.3 released! 50°
April 5, 2008 // 3:43 pm - Today a new version of the Wii Linux Proof-of-Concept with read and write support for the front SD card slot has been released.

To quote: Thanks to the bits of information collected and made public by the and libogc communities we have been able to write a block driver to use SD cards through the Nintendo Wii front SD card slot.

The driver provides read /write support and performance is fine (2.1 MB/s reads on my normal SD cards) compared to the classic SD card adapter driver. As in the last posts, we have released a new version of the wii-linux Proof of Concept...


PS3 Hello World UT3 Mod Proof-Of-Concept released! 500°
April 1, 2008 // 1:42 am - Yesterday we posted a rumor of a PS3 Hello World Homebrew Method found by dragula96. Many were skeptical as it was announced the day before April Fool's Day, however, today we are happy to confirm the only fools were those who dubbed it as "fake" :P

Courtesy of dragula96, here is the PS3 Hello World UT3 Mod Proof-Of-Concept along with related info and a new video detailing how it was done! Please NOTE (as...


Proof of Concept PSP Emulator for PC available! 200°
March 2, 2008 // 3:57 pm - Soywiz has built a PSP emulator for the PC using a debugger with D programming language and DFL library.

At the moment all it can do is perform some instructions and some BIOS calls, but in the future it may develop into much more.

Download: PoC PSP Emulator for PC

To quote: This is a proof of concept I made of a PSP Emulator with a debugger using D programming language (Walter Bright) and DFL library (Chris Miller).

This emulator is based in another great opensource emulator...


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