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RNA: Real Network Access Project for PS3 CFW Goes Open Source

180w ago - Following up on our previous update, today Spanish PlayStation 3 developer Blipi has announced that the RNA: Real Network Access Project for PS3 JFW DH CFW is going open source in hopes that another developer in the scene will pick up where he left off.

Download: Real Network Access Project for PS3 (SVN)

To quote: Since I'm leaving the scene for a while I've decide to make RNA open source.

It can be found here: https://bitbucket.org/blipi/rna/

In root / main .h and .cpp core files
In /temp/ code to be ported to ps3 yet
In /RNA/ PHP server files


Client (PS3, pkg):

  • Main core - 100%
  • Packet send/recv/connect - 100%
  • Blowfish encryptation - 100%
  • MD5, CRC32, security on packets - 100%
  • Login process - 100%
  • Packet sync core - 100%
  • Packet sync implementation - 20%
  • Friends core - 100%
  • Friends implementation - 0%
  • LAN gaming - 0% TheGrid pending

Server (PHP):

  • Packet recv/send/connect - 100%
  • Security...


LinkedIn Profile Confirms Resistance 3 for PS3 and Other Projects

276w ago - Just over a month ago a Resistance 3 PS3 billboard ad was spotted in Louisiana.

Today, adding more credence that a third game is in development comes a listing in Ben Mauro's LinkedIn Profile which confirms his involvement with Resistance 3 among other projects.

To quote from GameGuru.in (linked above): "The first instance of resurgence of Resistance 3 was in the form of a billboard for a movie that was due sometime next year.

Then came the quote about Killzone 3 and Resistance 3 being rumored to be in projects, is in development by Insomniac Games.

This discovery comes from Ben Mauro's LinkedIn profile who has worked on the project for three months in 2009 along with the latest iteration of the Ratchet and Clank series."

Martin Frain: Mirror's Edge Projects 3M Sales

335w ago - Martin Frain, marketing director for developer DICE says Mirror's Edge is proof that an IP can come out of nowhere and capture imagination, "just by being different." He is targeting worldwide sales of 3m.

"We're being helped immensely, just by the look of the game," Frain says. "You look at a screenshot of Mirror's Edge, and you know what it is."

Frain says that within most genres, all screenshots will look the same as other games in that same genre. "Some games do a good job with a unique look," he admits. "You see a screenshot of Bioshock, and you'd know it was Bioshock."

Mirror's Edge has that, too, Frain believes. "And we were quite frugal with our assets. So we had a lot of people questioning, 'What is this game about?'"

All these swirling questions, Frain continues, generated a lot of interest. "If it's not interesting, then you can withhold whatever you want - no one's going to talk about it."

"But I think if we'd flooded the market straight away," he concludes, "People would have become immune."

Frain also says that it was a risk to create a whole new genre - first-person action-adventure. But in the case of Mirror's Edge, he says, it's being hailed by critics as a bold thing, and is becoming accepted.

Sales are...
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