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PS3 Break Team and Their PS3 JailBreak Product Comparison

PS3 Break Team and Their PS3 JailBreak Product Comparison 550°
222w ago - During the past few months the PS3 Break team has released three different Break products, I received several samples from Digitopz.com, including PS3 Break, P3HUB and USB Break, thanks for their support!

PS3 Break Team and Their PS3 JailBreak Product Comparison:

I will talk about them one by one in this post, hope this can help you to choose a Break item in case you have the plan to buy one.

PS3 Break

PS3 Break V1.0:

It is the first product from PS3 Break team. It came out in the same time when JailBreak team released their item, or we can say it is a clone of BailBreak. As soon as the first PS3 hacked news released and due to the cheap price of V1.0 compared to JailBreak, we can imagine that lots of guys bought PS3 Break V1.0 in the early days. Unfortunately, many of them didn't get the update one because of the chip problem.

There are two different types of V1.0 released in the market, one is short version and the other is long. I am glad to know that what i got was the short upgradeable one. People who received this style can update as always, but long version can not update because the update button is just no use in the long version.

Sony's PSN Product Manager Explains PlayStation Plus

Sony's PSN Product Manager Explains PlayStation Plus 650°
245w ago - PlayStation Network Product Manager James Thorpe has explained PlayStation Plus today in greater depth, in hopes to clear up any confusion on the upcoming service which arrives next week.

Below he also reaffirms that the much anticipated PS3 Cross Game Voice Chat is NOT currently included for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

To quote: Hi Guys, just wanted to send you a second post on the details of PlayStation Plus and to clear up some of the confusion/answer some of the questions you have raised around the previous post. Apologies for the length but there is a lot to cover!

Ok, here are the basics of the new premium subscription service, PlayStation Plus:

Launching on the 29th June

The current PSN features will remain free. We are still very committed to PSN as a free gaming service and are certainly not planning on reducing this service following the launch of PlayStation Plus.

Plus is an evolving service and the features included at launch will be:

• Games
• Discounts
• Exclusive items on PlayStation...

MAG PS3 Q&A with Zipper Interactive European Product Manager

MAG PS3 Q&A with Zipper Interactive European Product Manager 300°
255w ago - SCEE's European Product Manager Chris Weatherhead has posted up a MAG PS3 Q&A today on the PlayStation Blog, as follows:

Answers have been provided by the Game's Producer Alan Van Slyke, the Designer Jason Olander, Designer and the Senior Community Manager Jeremy Dunham.

1) How the whole MAG idea was created? It's the final product what you had in mind from the beginning or it has changed?

Alan Van Slyke, Producer: The initial idea for MAG was "battles on a scale never seen before." To have huge air insertions, mortar barrages, and platoons of players fighting for common goals. In this sense the core of the project never changed. Every feature in the game had to pass our filter of, "does this contribute to the sense of scale", and add to the core pillars of what MAG is.

The final product is very much what we had in mind from the beginning. We did strip away a little complexity to provide an experience that's approachable even to casual gamers, but were keenly aware that we needed to retain certain designs (command structure, squad cohesion, squad communication) in place to ensure that a game of this scale wouldn't devolve into complete chaos.

2) Which one was the biggest difficulty you had to face while developing...

Official PlayTV Update & Product Presentation Available

Official PlayTV Update & Product Presentation Available 250°
298w ago - PlayTV Producer Mark Bunting has detailed some updates today on the European PlayStation Blog, including a Product Presentation video.

To quote: For those of you who are new to PlayTV, here is a little bit of background for you: PlayTV is a combination of a USB tuner and software that you install on your PS3 to watch your favourite free-to-air TV channels and listen to your favourite radio stations.

PlayTV works with terrestrial signals, which basically means the stuff that you will pick up with an aerial and not a dish or cable, the signal needs to be digital as this is the new format.

When we first released PlayTV, we enabled Remote Play which allowed you to use PlayTV via a Wi-Fi point anywhere in the world. There are some good instructions on how to do this in the online manual.

Right now, I'm working with the guys from Sony Ericsson to support their new mobile phone, the Aino, which will allow the same remote play functionality that you can get with the PSP. I am lucky enough to have one of these for testing and it's a very nice phone.

It took us longer than expected to make sure that we were compatible with the current set of games on the market but we were very pleased that, on release, we were able...

XCM PS3 Rumble Joystick Actual Product Pictures Now Available

XCM PS3 Rumble Joystick Actual Product Pictures Now Available 250°
306w ago - Just over a week ago we announced news of the XCM PS3 Rumble Joystick's arrival, and today we received some actual product pictures (below) from the XCM Team.

To recap, XCM PS3 Rumble Joystick features include:

• Built in Rumble function.(world first Rumble joystick compatible with PS3â„¢ console)
• 4 Memory Buttons - Program upto 20 button and joystick movement combos to a single button to pull off devastating moves at will!
• Independent Rapid Fire / Turbo Modes Built In - Just flip the switch of the button you want to enable rapid fire for and its done.
• LED buttons
• Plug and Play - Just plug the joystick into your PS3â„¢ console via the USB port and you are all set.
• 2 at the Same Time - Just in case you are kind enough to allow someone else to use one at the same time, you can plug 2 of these into the same PS3â„¢ console and use them both to battle each other!
• Compatible with all PS3â„¢ consoles
• Can be used on xbox 360 console if using with XCM Cross fire converter.

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