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Sony Cuts Costs of PS4 Hardware Production, Price Drop Coming? 350°
39w ago - Today Sony has made available a PDF File revealing that they have already managed to cut the costs of PS4 hardware production which leaves PlayStation 4 fans curious if a price drop will be coming soon.

To quote: "The cuts have allowed Sony to revise its financial expectations, increasing its projected FY2015 operating income for its Games & Network Services division...

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ASDA PS3 Price Cut, Swedish Site Lists PS3 Slim, New PS3 SKU? 50°
297w ago - Today (linked above) reports that UK retailer ASDA has cut the price of the 80GB PlayStation 3, offering the console and 2 selected games for just £250.

Choice of games included are either LittleBigPlanet and Ghostbusters, Killzone 2 and Resistance 2 or Terminator and InFamous.

Swedish site is now listing the PS3 Slim... noting...

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GameStop CEO Expecting PS3 and Wii Price Cuts in Q3 2009 350°
309w ago - The CEO of GameStop Dan DeMatteo is expecting price cuts for both Sony's PS3 and the Nintendo Wii.

He noted that right now the price of hardware is just too high in the economic market, and manufacturers will need to reduce the RRP of console if they are to meet sales forecasts similar to what another analyst recently stated....

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PS2 Drops to 99 Euros in Europe, No PS2 Price Cuts for the UK 200°
317w ago - After confirmation earlier today of the PS2 price drop to under $100 in North America, the price of the PlayStation 2 is being lowered across European regions.

However, Sony has today confirmed that the price of the PS2 will remain the same in the UK... so no price cut there.

To quote: Sony has confirmed that despite the...

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Sony: Developers Unrealistic About PS3 Price Cuts 50°
319w ago - Sony Computer Entertainment of America marketing boss Peter Dille has suggested that recent developers calling for PS3 price cuts are being unrealistic.

Chatting with Bloomberg, Dille joked everyone in the dev community would love...

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Gamers Willing to 'Trade' Advertising Exposure for Price Cuts 100°
337w ago - The latest research from Frank N. Magid Associates takes a look at how receptive gamers are to in-game ads. It seems that price drops or free games makes advertising very worthwhile for most.

Advertising in console games (as well as PC and other games) has become increasingly common in the industry today. Even presidential candidates are advertising in games these days.

We wondered, though, how consumers would feel...

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Target Cuts Xbox 360 Pro Price to $299.99 50°
354w ago - Retailer Target is now advertising the Xbox 360 Pro at a reduced price point of $299.99 on its official Web site linked above.

The deal is currently "in-store" only, though we have little doubt that it will extend online soon as well.

If you're thinking of picking one up, it's best to wait a couple more days, as in-store locations will be offering a $25 dollar gift card with your purchase starting this Sunday, July...

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Intel's Price Cuts are Hidden Treasure to Gamers 50°
363w ago - The PC Gamer reader mail bag is still overflowing with anxious letters from readers who are feeling a little, you know, inadequate in the processor department.

Some of them want to know if they should go from AMD to Intel or Intel to AMD; some want to know if they should go from dual-core to quad-core; and in extreme cases, some want to know if they should go from single-core to multi-core.

The answer is usually tricky,...

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Michael Pachter talks upcoming PlayStation price cuts 50°
391w ago - Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter has gained a fair bit of respect from us over the last year or so, and for good reason. He has been right on a lot of his claims, and generally close to correct on rest.

When speaking about hardware and software sales throughout 2007 and into 2008, Pachter speculated that Sony would lower the cost of it's aging PlayStation 2 early next year.

"Sony announced a SingStar PS2 bundle for...

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