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PSP Custom Firmware 5.00 M33-2, Popsloader, M33-3 out now! 50°
October 23, 2008 // 10:47 pm - Dark_AleX has released several PlayStation Portable updates today as follows:

Download: PSP 5.00 M33-2 / PSP 5.00 M33-2 [Mirror] / 5.00 M33-2 Popsloader / 5.00 M33-2 Popsloader [Mirror] / PSP 5.00 M33-3 / PSP 5.00 M33-3 [Mirror]



PSP 3.80 M33 PopsLoader v2 released! 50°
January 17, 2008 // 1:49 pm - Dark_AleX has issued an update to yesterday's release of the 3.80 M33 compatible popsloader. The update fixes a bug that prevented sleep mode from functioning correctly.

Remember, you must be running 3.80 M33-3 or higher to use this plug-in.

Download: PSP 3.80 M33 PopsLoader v2


- Bugfix for sleep mode not working when using popsloader


PSP Custom Firmware 3.80 M33-3 and PopsLoader released! 50°
January 16, 2008 // 1:51 pm - Update: Due to an error on his part, Dark_AleX has now quickly updated to PSP CFW 3.80 M33-4 as a bug fix. Changelog as follows:

- galaxy.prx was changed to a new version that is giving problems with slow memory sticks. Reverted back to previous versions. This didn't only affect decrypted isos running in NP9660 mode.

Dark_AleX has released an update to the recently released 3.80 M33-2 Custom Firmware. Now at 3.80 M33-3, the latest release adds a couple of libs to the nids resolver and fixes a synchronization...


PSP Firmware 3.73 PopsLoader released! 50°
November 29, 2007 // 11:33 am - Red_Squirrel has released modified version of Dark_Alex's PopsLoader which is now compatible with the brand new PSP firmware v3.73.

Download: PSP 3.73 PopsLoader

The same of original POPSLoader. To obtain 3.73 prxs you can use RSPsar Dumper (or M33Psar Dumper). PRXs must be decrypted, so you need to use SQUARE option in Psar Dumper.
Necessary PRXs are the same of 3.72 pops, so: popsman.prx, pops.prx, libpspvmc.prx e pafmini.prx.

Later you need to insert PRXs in...


Dark_AleX Releases 3.71 M33-3 & PopsLoader for PSP! 50°
November 8, 2007 // 9:00 am - As expected, Dark_AleX released 3.71 M33-3 today. Included is an updated build of PopsLoader, which allows users to run all versions of pops (the PSP PSOne emulator) for increased compatibility.

Additionally, the update features various changes and bug fixes, all of which are detailed in the changelog below:

Download: PSP Custom Firmware 3.71 M33-3 & PopsLoader


- Fixed a bug in access to flash by USB.
- HEN core: kernel PRX's with syscall exports work again.


PSP M33 Popsloader released; 3.60 CFW on the way! 50°
September 9, 2007 // 1:39 pm - According to their Web site linked above, 3.60 M33 CFW for the new PSP Slim is coming soon! Until then, today they have released M33 Popsloader:

Download: M33 Popsloader [Archive Pass: M33_pop_yourself]

New in this version:

- Added the remaining pops: 3.00-3.03

These pops require the following modules: kd/meaudio.prx kd/popsman.prx kd/pops.prx and vsh/module/pafmini.prx. As always, they go in seplugins/popsloader directory with the naming meaudio3xx.prx, popsman3xx.prx etc.


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