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Oklahoma Issues Permanent Injunction Against Game Law 50°
September 17, 2007 // 10:32 pm - The United States District Court for the Western District of Oklahoma has issued a permanent injunction against that state's attempt at regulating computer and video games, ruling that video games are a form of creative expression entitled to protection under the First Amendment.

The law would have banned the dissemination to minors of any computer or video game that contains any depiction of "inappropriate violence," even by a parent. Under the law, "inappropriate violence" is defined, in part, as material that includes depictions that fall into any one of nine broad categories....

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Still to come in 2007... 50°
September 15, 2007 // 2:44 pm - It doesn't matter if you call Xbox 360, PS3 or Wii home. The rest of 2007 is choc full of delights to splurge your hard-earned on (or convince a loved one that it's the only thing you'll expect to be getting come Christmas).

We've gathered together a list of the biggest games heading our way, and laid them out below - handily including their formats (exclusive games in bold). Unfortunately, you'll have to pick and choose - if you wanted all these games, you'd be shelling out over the best part of a grand!

Medal of Honor: Airborne - PC, 360 - Out...

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New games tantalize ahead of holidays 50°
August 30, 2007 // 2:48 pm - The summer dry spell for video games came to an end last week with the arrival of BioShock, the creepy underwater shooter that has won rave reviews and flown off store shelves.

The bulk of important games this year won't come out until November, but the next month or two will see the release of quite a few other hot games.

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