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RockStar Horrified by Xbox 360 Bully: Scholarship Edition Issues 250°
March 6, 2008 // 10:20 pm - We wrote earlier today of the issues surround the Xbox 360 version of Bully: Scholarship Edition, hoping to get a statement from Rockstar Games on the status of either a fix or a replacement plan for those affected.

For those not up to speed, the 360 port is reportedly plagued with freezing issues and audio glitches in addition to a less than solid frame rate. Rockstar issued a statement tonight, saying the staff was "devastated" to learn of the issues surrounding the Bully port, something they say didn't come up in the QA process.

Their full statement follows:


Martin Goldberg recounts the history of the Atari brand 50°
March 5, 2008 // 1:20 pm - The current state of the Atari name and properties leads many people into a tangled web of confusion. It's not surprising, considering the amount of times the company has changed hands, and the multiple entities that use the name now.

Here, writer Martin Goldberg looks at the journey the brand and properties have undertaken, in light of yesterday's announcement that Phil Harrison has now joined David Gardner at the re-energised brand.

The original Atari Inc was founded in 1972 by Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney as an arcade engineering firm, dealing in pinball machines and...


Adams: Game Patents Will 'Terrorize Us Into Mediocrity' 50°
March 5, 2008 // 1:16 pm - As part of a longer opinion piece published on Gamasutra today, designer and educator Ernest Adams has taken a strong stance against patenting video games, suggesting that the entire concept is flawed and encourages "patent trolls".

Explaining his argument into why patenting gameplay concepts - something done by major companies from Namco Bandai to Midway and beyond - is bad, he suggests:

"The US Patent and Trademark Office has taken a much more vague approach to determining what may or may not be patented. Its guidelines for patent examiners requires that the invention...


US Air Force Wants 300 40gb PS3s 500°
March 4, 2008 // 8:54 pm - It looks like the United States Air Force needs some heavy research machinery at a low cost. Who do they turn to? The PlayStation 3, 300 of them to be exact.

The Air Force Research Laboratory is conducting a technology assessment of certain cell processors.

The processors in the Sony PlayStation 3 are the only brand on the market that utilizes the specific cell processor characteristics needed for this program at an acceptable cost.

At this moment it is only a Request for Proposal, in which sellers will provide price quotes to the Air Force.


Would You Play a Call of Duty MMO? 200°
March 4, 2008 // 8:52 pm - Speaking to a group of investment analysts today, Activision CEO (and soon to be Activision Blizzard president and CEO) Bobby Kotick said the company is considering turning its Call of Duty franchise into a massively multiplayer online game.

Kotick briefly touched on the idea in answer to a question at the 2008 Morgan Stanley Technology Conference about how merging Activision with Vivendi Games might open up new opportunities for both companies.

Before closing its deal with Vivendi (which owns Sierra and Blizzard), Kotick said Activision looked at five years of...


Current-gen video games are most often NOT in Full HD! 50°
March 4, 2008 // 8:51 pm - It all started innocently enough, in the gaming forum section of a non-gaming related website I visit. The fanboys were going at it, spitting venom and vitriol back and forth as they tried to declare their favorite console as being the best choice for everyone.

Someone said that the PS3 simply had "more power" (and that is a direct quote). Others maintained that the PS3 had literally no good games that the 360 didn't (and I guess for some reason this meant that they thought it never would).

That's when someone chimed in with the argument that the PS3 is a better...


GameStop to begin God of War III PS3 reservations tomorrow! 100°
March 4, 2008 // 8:00 pm - According to our source at Gamestop, starting March 5, EB Games and GameStop stores nationwide will begin taking reservations for God of War III.

With the release of God of War: Chains of Olympus on PSP, SCEA has given Gamestop the go ahead to begin taking preorders for the much anticipated God of War III. For those of you who have picked up your copy of Chains of Olympus today, you may have noticed the God of War III "Coming Soon" advertisement on the back of the game's instruction manual.

As of right now all that is confirmed is that God of War III will support 1080p...


PS3 winning Charts but not Minds 50°
March 4, 2008 // 7:53 pm - Sony is back in the game, after some hardware tweaking and promotions that are shifting PS3 units. Some recent experiences however tell me that perhaps not all new PS3 owners are up with the capabilities of the machine.

Corporate market analysts iSuppli have already indicated that by 2011 the PS3 will be top of the console pile, and an even more recent analysis quotes 2008 as the year this dominance will emerge:

"2008 will be a turning year for the PS3," iSuppli analyst Pamela Tufegdzic told Reuters. "Sony is offering a better forthcoming software pipeline with blockbuster...


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