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MKVtoPS3 v0.1 Now Available, MKV to PS3 Without Recompression

MKVtoPS3 v0.1 Now Available, MKV to PS3 Without Recompression 1200°
318w ago - Update: Now MKVtoPS3 v0.2 is available, which includes a spaces in folder bug fix.

MKVtoPS3 is software that allows you to convert MKV to PS3 without recompression.

The software is very easy to use and allows playback of MKV files with subtitles on USB flash drive or external hard drive.

Download: MKVtoPS3 v0.1


1. Open a video file MKV
2. Open a file SRT subtitles (optional)
3. Click "OK"
4. If there is no support titles, copy the file. M2ts created VIDEO folder at the root of the USB key. If there are subtitles, copy the folder "AVCHD" created at the root of the USB key
5. Run the file / folder on PS3
6. To view the subtitles, press "triangle" during playback and then "Subtitle options"


This software may suffer from many bug, if it will, let me know on the ps3gen forum The next version will include more languages, changing subtitles (font, color, size), chapters and more.


Thanks to www.ps3gen.fr, the best french site dedicated to the PS3 and also www.ps4news.com

Burnout Paradise Free Pack Details, Coming February 6, 2009

Burnout Paradise Free Pack Details, Coming February 6, 2009 300°
319w ago - On February 6th, PS3 owners of Burnout Paradise will be able to download a free patch that adds a whole lot of content. To quote:

• In-Game Store (PS3/PC only) - An in-game browser will connect to the "Criterion Games Network." From here, you'll be able to see all the game's updates and purchase any of the upcoming premium DLC.
• Tweaked vehicle handling - The earlier cars are now tweaked to be easier for newcomers to use. "These cars are now slower, harder to crash and less likely to spin out at low speeds."
• Junkyard sorting - You'll be able to compare the stats of cars, and you'll be able to filter out cars, bikes, and upcoming DLC vehicles.
• Stunt Run timer changed - Stunt Run will now have a different timer that starts much slower than before. This allows beginners more wiggle room to start a combo. Experts will still be challenged: the larger your combo, the faster the timer runs out.
• Events rebalanced - All events have been modified to accommodate the new car speeds.
• Road Rage tweaked - Players no longer get additional time once they reach the target score. This is great, because we usually intentionally crash in order to end this mode.
• Enhanced visuals - In-game items, like billboards and smashes, are now easier to spot. The lighting has been tweaked...

Report: Packaged Video Games Outsell DVD and Blu-ray in 2008

Report: Packaged Video Games Outsell DVD and Blu-ray in 2008 50°
319w ago - Last year, retail video games outsold DVD and Blu-ray discs worldwide for the first time, according to a 2008 report and 2009 forecast by Media Control GfK International.

Video game sales were up to 53 percent of the media market in 2008, thanks in no small part to Nintendo's Wii, which drove software sales up by 20 percent from 2007. GfK predicts that video games will take 59 percent of the market by the end of 2009.

In Italy and Spain, video games already reign in the home entertainment war, constituting for 67 percent of the market.

Meanwhile, DVD sales dropped by 4 percent, bringing overall DVD and Blu-ray sales down 6 percent from the previous year. The U.S. market played a major roll, with sales for these movie formats dropping by 8 percent.

All told, video game sales reached $32 billion and movie sales came out to $29 billion for DVD and Blu-ray. It should be noted that rentals are not included in the report.

GfK's findings weren't without precedent. Earlier this year, Verdict research predicted video game sales would be up 42 percent in the UK, and would surpass music, DVD, and Blu Ray disc sales.

Although they were almost correct, Steve Redmond of the Entertainment Retailer's...

Error E74: Microsoft XBox 360's New Outbreak

Error E74: Microsoft XBox 360's New Outbreak 200°
319w ago - The problems of the infamous three red rings of death seems to have been decreased over the years, but it seems a new plague destined for failure is showing its face, error message E 74.

If you're a gamer then its no secret the Xbox 360 has its problems. From disc scratching to the notoriously known three red lights known as the RROD, it's all been said.

Since its release on November 22, 2005, many articles have appeared in the media portraying the Xbox 360's relatively high failure rates. Recently, there has been legal action taken attempting to hold Microsoft responsible for the failure rate among the Xbox 360 and provide reasonable compensation for those affected.

When the 360 console experiences a "general hardware" failure as called by the glorious MS representatives, three flashing red lights appear around the power button, in lieu of the four green lights indicating normal operation. In the early months after the console's launch, Microsoft stated that the Xbox 360's failure rate was within the consumer electronics industry's typical 3% to 5%.

Nevertheless, Microsoft has not released their official statistics on the failure rate of the various versions of the console; the company's press relations policy is to focus on the prompt resolution of any technical problems....

Guide: YouTube on Your PlayStation 3 Console in Full-screen!

Guide: YouTube on Your PlayStation 3 Console in Full-screen! 50°
320w ago - Earlier today YouTube TV was announced for PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii game consoles.

Here is a follow-up from Sony's Sr. Director of Promotions Ginger Kraus: Simply open up the Web browser on the PS3, and enter the following URL: www.youtube.com/tv (note: this link will not work from a PC or Mac, only from a PS3) and hit enter.

Now you're good to go! You'll notice a new YouTube interface that allows you to watch videos in full-screen. With enlarged text and simplified navigation, it makes watching YouTube on your TV as easy and intuitive as possible. Here's a helpful video that guides you through the process:

We're working closely with the YouTube team to make a more PlayStation-centric version of the YouTube TV Website page accessible from the lefthand menu bar (the YouTube button currently takes you to our branded channel on YouTube).

So stay tuned for that and in the meantime grab a cold one and sit back to enjoy your favorite videos on the big screen!

Happy watching,
Ginger Kraus

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