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EA release their NHL 09 demo on PSN, hits XBox Live next month 50°
August 21, 2008 // 11:32 pm - PlayStation 3 owners get a bit of a treat today. Along with the release of NHL 2k9's demo, EA Sports has just announced that it's NHL 09 demo is live on the PlayStation Network with the 360 version to follow shortly next month.

Enjoy, as the hockey pre-season/season is close to getting under way!


Lace Up Your Skates and Be A Pro!

August 21, 2008 - Need your hockey fix? Experience the critically acclaimed EA SPORTS™ NHL franchise in a whole...


Will LittleBigPlanet humilate the Xbox Live system? 100°
August 12, 2008 // 2:07 pm - Chris Stead of Gameplayer has tried to evaluate whether LittleBigPlanet has the ability to literally piss all over Xbox Live and it seems as if he thinks it certainly has the potential to do so.

Stead believes the game will challenge MS's views on user generated content and is the first wave of an onslaught of user-driven experience. He concludes "Indeed, if LittleBigPlanet fulfils its potential, appealing to mainstream and gamer alike, then it could very well force Microsoft's hand by humiliating the revered Xbox Live system."

To quote: As it stands, LittleBigPlanet...


Microsoft Details Xbox Live Community Games, Debuts this Fall 50°
July 22, 2008 // 9:11 pm - Make games. Make money. That's the motto of Microsoft's Xbox Live Community Games initiative, which will officially launch to consumers this fall, alongside the forthcoming dashboard update.

As the company's first foray into democratizing game development on a console, indy developers will be able create their own game using the XNA framework, then submit it to Microsoft for peer review.

If approved, you'll be able to set a price on your game, ranging from three suggested retail price points at 200 to 800 Microsoft Points. Developers will receive a 70% return...


How PlayStation Network can beat XBox Live 200°
July 7, 2008 // 8:32 pm - If you regularly browse any popular gaming site you'll have found it hard to avoid hype over the Firmware 2.4 update for the PlayStation 3. While every new update seems to generate unfathomable levels of interest over the smallest, most trivial new features, 2.40 actually appeared to be worth the excitement.

I still firmly believe that Sony gets off extremely lightly with regard to its online service, rolling out additional features and gaining press coverage for services that its rival Microsoft has given Xbox 360 (and even Xbox) owners for months, if not years.



Showdown: PSN versus Xbox Live 50°
July 1, 2008 // 5:51 pm - Recently, Sony rep Eric Lempell premiered the Playstation 3's in-game XMB system along with their answer to Xbox 360's "achievements", the PS3 trophy system. Jubilant PS3 owners can now listen to their favorite tracks during those marathon CoD4 sessions, message their friends without leaving Snake in the cold, connect Bluetooth headsets in-game and even enter a different game - all without quitting back to the XMB.

True, 360 owners have had the privilege of using these exact features for the past two and a half years, but with an ever expanding market for Blu-Ray,...


XBox Live Marketplace for Friday, June 20th 2008 50°
June 20, 2008 // 7:46 pm - The weekend is upon us and so is new content. Here is the XBox Live Marketplace Update for Friday, June 20th 2008:

Video HERE is of Alone in the Dark and is courtesy of!

Name: Alone in the Dark Making Of Video 3
Price: Free
Availability: Everywhere

Name: Bravado Rock Vault - DRAGON FORCE Theme 2
Price: 200 Microsoft Points
Availability: Everywhere

Name: Bravado Rock Vault - Iron Maiden Theme 2
Price: 200 Microsoft Points


“Gay” Gamertag Banned From Xbox Live 50°
May 14, 2008 // 2:45 pm - An Xbox Live member who goes by the name of Grant is in outrage after Microsoft banned his gamertag "theGAYERgamer."

Reportedly, he called up the company's support line and was told that he violated XBL's terms of service, with other members reporting his tag as offensive.

I talked to a supervisor there, Roxy, who told me that she didn't personally find the fact that my gamer tag had gay in the name offensive, but that the greater Xbox community did, so I would have to change it. I hope I'm not the only person who finds this don't ask, don't tell...


Halo 3 multiplayer update 50°
October 10, 2007 // 3:20 pm - Bungie has released a patch today for Halo 3 on Xbox360. Below is a list of the latest features.

Big Team Battle matches are now 16-player affairs.
In the Team Slayer playlist, the appearance of Shotty Snipers has been greatly reduced.
Now, when players veto Shotty Snipers, the game that results from the veto will not be Shotty Snipers.
In one-sided VIP matches, the attacking team will now see a waypoint for the VIP they are hunting.
In Lone Wolves, Slayer gametypes will appear more frequently.

Good, I was getting very sick of shotty snipers.


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