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PicoDrive for PSP - Genesis and SEGA CD Emulator released! 50°
November 18, 2007 // 2:32 pm - Notaz shared the initial release of PicoDrive for PSP, a Sega CD and Genesis (Mega Drive) emulator. The author notes that most Genesis games are running full speed in this release. Certain Sega CD games will not run well but speed can be improved by enabling frameskip.

Download: PicoDrive For PSP [Right-click, Save As]

This is yet another Megadrive / Genesis emulator for PSP, but with Sega CD / Mega CD support. Although it has been originally written having ARM CPU based devices in mind, it has...

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Sega Saturn Emulator Released for PSP! 50°
November 14, 2007 // 7:22 pm - SofiyaCat, best known for his work on PSPTube, has ported Sega Saturn emulator Yabause to the PSP.

Download: Yabause PSP v0.9.1 Test

It requires a Sega Saturn BiOS to run (not included) and is only a proof-of-concept at this time, so do not expect games to run at playable frame rates just yet. Enjoy!

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DGEN v1.70 SEGA Genesis/MegaDrive Emulator for PSP Slim out! 50°
October 20, 2007 // 2:07 pm - Today Takka has released an update to Syn-k's DGEN PSP port, complete with full support for Slim units. DGEN is a Sega Genesis (Mega Drive) emulator- grab it below!

Download: DGEN v1.70 For PSP Slim

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SEGA confirms Golden Axe is still on track for PS3! 50°
October 19, 2007 // 2:36 pm - Recent reports from and, have led people to believe that Golden Axe: Beast Rider had become an Xbox 360 exclusive. However this is not the case. has contacted Sega directly and received word that Secret Level is working on both an Xbox 360 and a PS3 version.

When asked if Secret Level had dropped the PS3 version of Golden Axe, Sega's Danny Chiu responded stating,...

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Sumo Digital serving up Sega Superstars Tennis 50°
October 18, 2007 // 1:50 pm - Sonic and other mascots set to hit the courts early next year in Europe and North America!

Sonic the Hedgehog is in a competitive mood of late. Taking a break from his normal evil-thwarting activities, he's penned in to showcase his company crossover dominance in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games next month and Super Smash Bros. Brawl in February, respectively.

Sonic's also going to take care of some business in his own backyard, as Sega today announced Sega Superstars Tennis, a mascot sports game from the latest Foundation 9 acquisition, Sumo Digital. The game is currently...

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Sega demand stronger PS3 sales 50°
September 25, 2007 // 2:36 am - Sega are once again pushing console makers to drive sales of next-gen systems higher, having in the past singled out the limited installed base of the PlayStation 3 as a reason why development of new games remained risky.

Speaking to industry website MCV, Sega America COO Simon Jeffrey said he thought a PS3 price-cut would prompt higher sales, as he urged platform holders to push sales as quickly as possible. The "next year to two years will be a profit margin struggle," he said, adding that he wants to see "next-generation consoles in as many homes as possible, as fast as possible".

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Sega Vet to Join Sony PR 50°
September 17, 2007 // 2:16 pm - Sony has announced that former Sega VP of Marketing Scott Steinberg has been appointed the VP of Product Marketing for SCEA. The news, which was announced in a press statement issued by SCEA, comes shortly after news of the departure of SCEA's Senior Director of Corporate Communications Dave Karraker. Vice President of Product Marketing is a newly created role for SCEA.

Steinberg has a long resume in video games marketing, working at Sega during the heyday of the Genesis and becoming Vice President of Marketing for the company. He has also worked at Crystal Dynamics, Eidos...

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Sega Rally Revo Demo Hits XBL 50°
September 17, 2007 // 1:13 pm - Kicking off the week with an engine roar is Sega's demo of Sega Rally Revo, now available on Xbox Live. The game is an update of the classic racing franchise that hopes to knock DiRT off its throne as the current premiere off-road title.

The demo comes it at just over 690 MB and includes two tracks (Canyon and Tropical), two cars (Mitsubishi Evo and the Subaru Impreza), along with two configurations for your car. If you'd rather just read about how insanely hard the game is, you could just read our preview. The game is set for...

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