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SOCOM Confrontation first Gameplay Footage for PS3! 50°
369w ago - The 1UP show has revealed the first gameplay footage of SOCOM Confrontation for PS3.

Check out the video below via GameVideos:



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Gears 2 Gameplay Footage Hits May 9th! 50°
370w ago - Jonesing for your first taste of Gears of War 2 gameplay footage? Fortunately you don't have too long to wait.

Gametrailers TV just secured themselves the first in-game footage from the game.

The bad news? It won't be airing until May 9 at 1 a.m.

The good news? The footage, which features Marcus Fenix, includes a special introduction by bunny-loving Epic game designer Cliff Bleszinski.

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PlayStation Home BETA v0.83 Footage available & more! 50°
377w ago - Consolecrusader has shared a video via YouTube of some Home BETA v0.83 footage below.

To quote: I have been receiving anonymous emails with video content from the new features of Home 0.83. I have no idea who their coming from. I own the site but I am in no way involved in the Home Beta.

In related news, Jonnyram (who apparently has been very...

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Dark Sector Boss Battle video! 50°
382w ago - The is game play footage of a boss battle from the upcoming game dark sector.

Looks awesome!

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Video: First ever Silent Hill 5 in-game footage 50°
389w ago - Unseen gameplay, and how you would see it in game... i.e. behind the main character uploaded courtesy of gaffyh.


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