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Warhammer Online's Cut Content Will be Added for Free Later 50°
344w ago - Fans of massively multiplayer games who were looking forward to Warhammer Online were understandably shaken this summer when it was announced that some major features were being pulled from the game.

However, those worried fans can now take heart. Speaking to 1UP earlier today about this week's public launch of their new game, Mythic Entertainment general manager Mark Jacobs assured us that the cut content that does find its way...

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First PES 2009 Review in Spain, Translated to English! 250°
344w ago - It appears that the first PES 2009 review has surfaced from Spanish publication Hobby Consolas. PES fan Web site (linked above) has translated the review, and while it is a distinct improvement from PES 2008, there are a number of parts of the review that stick out like a sore thumb.

Firstly, the game is stuck on last year's disappointing engine and secondly the magazine admits the game hasn't found the 'sweet spot'...

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KOEI Announces Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 slated for 2009 200°
347w ago - Massive mecha, massive combat, massive damage: Dynasty Warriors is back with a massive Gundam twist. The Mobile Suits are speedy and agile and skilled pilots will soon be dealing death on the many and varied adversaries. New story lines are promised and also online versus play will make an appearance.

If you like your fighting, robots, explosives, carnage, and murderous electronics, this is the game for you.

Press Release:...

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Quantic Dream's PS3 exclusive unveiled - Heavy Rain due late 2009 50°
349w ago - One of the highlights in David Reeves, President of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE), introductory speech, Heavy Rain was unveiled at Games Convention 2008, taking brave new steps in the games industry in both content - an adult thriller with a complex plot - and gameplay - where you play and shape the storyline rather than be a mere spectator.

Step into a world of mystery and suspense, betrayal and redemption,...

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Will LittleBigPlanet humilate the Xbox Live system? 100°
350w ago - Chris Stead of Gameplayer has tried to evaluate whether LittleBigPlanet has the ability to literally piss all over Xbox Live and it seems as if he thinks it certainly has the potential to do so.

Stead believes the game will challenge MS's views on user generated content and is the first wave of an onslaught of user-driven experience. He concludes "Indeed, if LittleBigPlanet fulfils its potential, appealing to mainstream and gamer...

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Latest BioShock PS3 Trailer is Now Available 250°
350w ago - The latest BioShock PS3 trailer is now available for your viewing pleasure.

Courtesy of sculled155 via YouTube, it can be found below.

The video's caption reads as follows:

"The big Xbox 360 hit is indeed coming to the PS3. Nothing seems to be changed from what I know. Rate, comment, and enjoy!"


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Hackers taking over latest Mario Kart Wii tournament 50°
351w ago - The newest Mario Kart Wii tournament went live a few days ago, but unfortunately, some participants took it upon themselves to hack their way to the top. Two racers have submitted ludicrous times - 0.004 and 0.609 seconds.

Immediately upon looking at these results, one would quickly surmise that the results would not have been able to have been achieved through ethical means. Also, one of the hackers has gone so far as to dawn the name...

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Latest Nintendo Wii D2E drive unlocked already! 50°
356w ago - The folks at Wasabi have confirmed that their method already works on the newly released "D2E" drives found in the latest Nintendo Wii consoles.

After dumping the firmware, they found the D2E firmware was created on 12th February 2008 while the Diagrams for Wasabi were released on 19th February - Wii and GC backups are also confirmed to be running.

To quote: Did you hear about the new D2E drive? We've only got a couple...

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2.40 In-Game XMB Music Access revealed in latest PSBlog update? 400°
357w ago - The latest Official PlayStation Blog entry may have revealed In-Game XMB Music Access, relating to the ongoing question that is "In-Game XMB Access - Will it have Music?"

On the PlayStation Blog, it lists the Burnout Paradise patch update content. To quote:

Plus heaps more, including:
- 1080i support for PlayStation 3...

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Rumor: New Ratchet & Clank Title Slated for PSN 50°
360w ago - It has yet to be officially announced, but apparently it's real. A logo for an all-new Ratchet offering entitled "Ratchet & Clank: En Busca del Tesoro," which roughly translates to "In Search of Treasure," has appeared on the pages of the Spanish Web site linked above via Macrike.

Last March, a leaked SCEE PSN release schedule made mention of "Ratchet Quest For Booty." We're inclined to believe that this...

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