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XCM White 360 HDMI 1080i cable & XFPS Pro video!

XCM White 360 HDMI 1080i cable & XFPS Pro video! 50°
389w ago - Here are some updates from www.XCM.cc as follows:

The HDMI cable for Regular XBox 360 (White 360 console) is the world's first HDMI 1080i cable for Regular XBox 360, and with this cable you can enjoy the digital 1080i output signal on HD TV.. a Prototype picture is below!

This cable converts the analog signal to a digital one and acts as a HDMI digital signal solution for HDMI-less XBox 360's, while also sporting an extra RCA socket and optical socket for connection to speakers. The cable will also come with a HDMI to DVI adapter so it can be used on a PC as well as a HD TV.

The new XFPS Pro also has a HALO 3 VIDEO available demonstrating the XFPS Pro with Halo 3- cool stuff indeed!

Time Crisis 4: Hands-On with FPS Mode

Time Crisis 4: Hands-On with FPS Mode 50°
390w ago - First, some background. First-person shooter mode in Time Crisis 4 tells a somewhat tangential story that complements the main action found in the game's arcade mode. In it, you'll be playing as Captain Rush, who has been tasked with discovering the source of the so-called terror bites, which are essentially swarms of nasty-looking bugs that pop up throughout the various missions. As Rush, you'll be responsible for blasting your way through 15 stand-alone stages that feature some crossover with the game's main storyline. You might even see some familiar faces. Have no fear, though. Unlike the vaguely Euro-trashy heroes in Time Crisis' main storyline, Rush is a badass by comparison.

Unlike the main mode, FPS mode in Time Crisis 4 gives you a first-person view of the action. In this mode, you're on your own, soldier. No buddy to help you out when stuff hits the fan. Heck, you're even going to have to reload your weapon manually. Think you can handle that?

Now, about your weapon. Yes, it looks like a big, ugly hunk of plastic, but it's actually quite handy once you get used to it. First, notice the two analog sticks, which are used to control Captain Rush. You move with the left stick, and can look all around with the right stick. However, keep in mind that when the time comes to shell out lead, you can unleash...

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