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DMC4 is 720p on PS3 & 360 Desipte Blog’s Press Release 50°
February 4, 2008 // 9:03 pm - A Gaming Blog got a tad worked up over a supposed Capcom Press Release, which states that the console versions of Devil May Cry 4 run at a sub-HD resolution. This press release was fake.

The press release reads thus:

PC version will supports DX9 and DX10 versions.The PC version support higher resolution (In order to maintain stability in the game at 60 FPS, XBOX360, PS3 supports only 1024 * 640 resolution).

Apart form the questionable English, which could be explained by being a poor translation, the "press release" is wrong. Both console demos of DMC4...

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Can Someone Tell Touchstone Turok Came Out Three Days Ago? 50°
February 4, 2008 // 12:31 am - I've received quite a few emails this weekend from people saying they had picked up copies of Turok at their local stores.

While it's not out of the ordinary for a game's street date to be broken by a single outlet, according to Best Buy, GameStop, GameCrazy and Wal-mart the game came out three days ago on Jan. 31.

Apparently no one told this to the game's publisher, Touchstone. The official Turok Web site has a countdown clock that still has a little over two days left on it.

The press materials and game Web sites like IGN and Gamespot also have it listed...

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Microsoft is losing its grasp on the technology markets 50°
February 1, 2008 // 8:28 pm - The Xbox 360 is a disaster of resources and destroyed customer loyalties, Windows Vista is a name murmured only in hushed tones, and some of Microsoft's highest ranking execs are jumping ship. Microsoft is a sinking ship, and is losing passengers to every one of its competitors.

Does it not strike anyone else as odd that the bigwigs of the Xbox team, and even Bill Gates himself, have left their posts? When I say the Xbox 360 is a disaster, I'm simply pointing to evidence that, as suggested by an "inside" source in a recent article, Microsoft released the 360 anticipating a...

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Microsoft Addresses Halo Wars Rumor 50°
January 30, 2008 // 9:43 pm - While Halo 3 fans finish the fight online, the good folks at Microsoft's Ensemble Studios are hard at work on the next fix in the franchise - the Halo Wars real-time strategy game.

And if a report on the gaming web site Angry Pixel is to be believed, the final game will support cross-platform play between the Xbox 360 and PC versions. Yep, we know - a PC version of Halo Wars hasn't even been announced yet. We'll let Angry Pixel explain:

"Halo Wars, touted as an Xbox 360 exclusive, is also apparently in development for the PC. But that's not all - apparently the game will...

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Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Preview 50°
January 30, 2008 // 8:46 pm - The first Rainbow Six Vegas was a breath of fresh air when it dropped in late 2006. In an attempt to streamline a series that was once focused on planning phases and punishing diffuculty, Ubisoft designed Rainbow Six less like a real world tactical op and more like an episode of 24. The end result was a great mix of action and strategy, and offered up a killer multiplayer experience.

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 doesn't appear to be reinventing the series as much as the first game did. In fact, to the untrained eye you'd probably think you were looking at the same game. But beneath the graphics...

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Analysts lay out '08 expectations 50°
January 30, 2008 // 8:37 pm - Colin Sebastian banks on consoles for the first half, PCs for back end of the year, while DFC Intelligence projects hardcore fare to define the market.

With the first month of 2008 nearly in the books, industry analysts are wrapping up their latest round of predictions for what the coming year will mean to gaming.

In a note to investors this morning, Lazard Capital Markets' Colin Sebastian picked out two trends to watch for. For the first half of the year, Sebastian expects growth in console gaming to be a big story thanks to the release of high-profile games like Devil...

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Father Kills Daughter Over Xbox Console 50°
January 30, 2008 // 8:34 pm - A man who played video games for hours each day has been convicted of killing his 17-month-old daughter when she pulled out his Xbox console.

Jurors rejected arguments that Tyrone Spellman had confessed to protect the child's mother.

After a day of deliberation, they convicted Spellman of third-degree murder and child endangerment, for which he faces up to 47 years in prison.

Prosecutors in Philadelphia believe he pummelled Alayiah Turman, cracking her skull several times, while her pregnant mother slept in another room on September 7, 2006.


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Have you noticed the ads in Paradise? 100°
January 29, 2008 // 8:22 pm - IGA, one of the biggest in-game advertising agencies have been working with a wide range of leading brands including BURGER KING, Diesel, Gillette,, Sling Media, Vizio, JL Audio and others to incorporate static ads, including billboards, retail stores, radio stations and vehicles into Burnout Paradise.

What we want to know is have you noticed them? and if so have they in anyway affected your enjoyment of the game?

In game advertising has been a talking point for a while now, but if such adverts feel like part of the game by blending in with the background without...

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