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Sneak Out: MGS4 Deluge Continues 100°
February 29, 2008 // 11:41 pm - The wave of MGS4 info comes to a crest today as the official PlayStation Blog posts some clarifying details, Kojima Productions launches teaser sites for MGS4 and MGO and the Kojima Productions Report 81 goes live. I'm here to pull everything together and tie up some loose ends.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

Foremost, Ryan Payton solidified June 12, 2008 as the simultaneous, worldwide release date for MGS4 on the most recent session of the KP Report (#81). This marks a first for the series, even though regional release differences have usually been modest...

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PSP outsells DS in Japan! 250°
February 29, 2008 // 11:28 pm - Things are looking up for PSP in Sony's homeland, as it managed to nip ahead of DS in hardware sales figures for last week.

According to Media Create digits for the week ending February 24, Sony managed to sell 53,373 PSP units, knocking the 50,151-selling DS temporarily off its perch.

It seems the several sexy renditions of the PSP Slim and humanity's growing fascination with satellite navigation is working wonders for Sony's handheld.

Wii sales in the territory still dominate, with 63,504 topping the hardware list in the same week, while PS3 only managed...

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HDD Capacity Capabilities Crucial 50°
February 28, 2008 // 11:49 pm - Next-gen consoles these days are more then just vehicles for our fast paced gaming adventures. Over the years, they've turned into multimedia storage and playback devices. On the Xbox 360 and PS3, owners have the ability to download TV shows, films, store pictures and music, all of which raise the level of gaming consoles onto some higher level that they have never before reached. They've essentially become miniature PCs, more or less.

With all these good things, however, comes the issue of space and making it affordable. This solution has already been dealt with long ago with...

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PSN@Home Top 10 Most Anticipated Games of 2008 50°
February 28, 2008 // 11:33 pm - PSN At Home's Justin Edwards and SteveFrench9 have done it again with a Top 10 Most Anticipated Games of 2008.

Check it out!

Video below:

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Gaming Trends Part 2: The State of PC Gaming 50°
February 28, 2008 // 11:28 pm - Over the past few weeks, I've been noticing quite a few themes that have been making their way through the industry.

Throughout last week at GDC, many of these took center stage in a variety of forms. Today, we examine the state of PC Gaming. Every year a multitude of publications come out proclaiming "PC gaming is dead! All units bail out!" It's all getting to be a little ridiculous.

Now, let's not be naive. PC gaming as we know it is in hot water and is very analogous to an arms race. Who's going to be the first with a water-cooled, overclocked, dual-quad-SLi...

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Exclusive Screen of Shadow of the Colossus 2 for PS3! 400°
February 28, 2008 // 11:09 pm - Our secret agent managed to extract massive amounts of awesome in the form of 8 days info but s/he also managed to snag a screen for Shadow of the Colossus 2, the one of two new titles that's being developed by Sony's Team Ico studio.

There seems to be a green, arachnid-esque colossi on the right that was blurred out intentionally by the developer. (Or by our spy, who knows.)

But the real treat is the picturesque desert scene. Enjoy.

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How Uncharted: Drake's Fortune makes Home really cool 50°
February 27, 2008 // 11:58 pm - While Resistance: Fall of Man's integration with Home should have bonus content fans excited, old school run-and-gun shooter fans should be pretty pumped about what they may be getting with Uncharted: Drake's Fortune's contribution. We hear that the Home portal for Naughty Dog's PlayStation 3 adventure will follow in Resistance's footsteps, allowing Home avatars to explore the game's levels without the threat of being shot at, a nice feature.

But it's the Uncharted mini-game that has us far more pumped.

According to our sources, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune comes to Home...

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Is Sixaxis a white elephant? 50°
February 27, 2008 // 11:56 pm - Just in case you're not familiar with the phrase, a White Elephant is something that is more trouble and more expensive than its worth and therefore a liability. Sound familiar? Welcome to our 15 month appraisal of Sixaxis - PlayStation 3's controversial motion-sensitive controller.

After nearly a year and a half, it's hard to use the defence that it's 'still new technology'. There's a wealth of evidence by which to judge its success and second-generation games should have learned from the mistakes of the launch titles.

But we have to say, it's not a very convincing case...

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