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Review: Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 for PlayStation 2

323w ago - Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 is the latest installment in the SMT series. SMT: Persona 3 was one of the best RPGs last year and Atlus' breakthrough title that got them the recognition they deserved, winning many new fans.

Many were excited about Persona 4's release date announcement, but many were also worried about the game being released this soon making them think it would've been rushed. In many interviews throughout the year, Atlus has been touting Persona 4 as an epic RPG, and they were right about that. But just how epic is Persona 4?

The game starts off with the main protagonist being summoned into the Velvet Room. In here, you are given the choice to name the main protagonist. Igor, the person who runs the Velvet Room, and his assistant informs the main protagonist that he will face a great tragedy and mystery, and it will be his mission to "seek out the truth" for the mystery. If he doesn't fulfill his mission, his future will be lost.

After waking up and leaving the Velvet Room, the main protagonist finally arrives in Inaba in which he will be staying with his uncle and cousin for a year due to his parents having to work overseas for a year. Shortly after his stay in Inaba, a mysterious murder occurs, and there are no clues or suspects.

This lone murder...

Resident Evil 5 Dev: PlayStation 3 is Not Hard to Develop For

323w ago - Resident Evil 5 Producer Masachika Kawata has questioned the idea that developing a PlayStation 3 version of a multiplatform game is significantly harder than developing one for Xbox 360.

"I can't really say that one platform is proving more problematic than the other," he told Kikizo in an interview.

Kawata subsequently qualified his comment, acknowledging that similarities between the Xbox 360 hardware and the PC, Resident Evil 5's lead development platform, made work on the former system comparatively straightforward.

"This game is being developed in Capcom internally on PC hardware. When it comes to porting directly from PC-based hardware, the console that's easier to work with is, naturally, the 360."

But he insisted that PS3 was far from the programming nightmare some commentators have styled it. "The PS3 is often said to be more difficult. As someone developing for it, though... I haven't found it to be too tough."

This may, however, have more to do with the flexibility of Resident Evil 5's engine than the nature of the platform. "With our proprietary engine, the MT Framework - it's an engine we specifically made for development on next-gen consoles - one of its particular strengths...

PlayStation Home Voice Chat is Now Back Online!

323w ago - For those of you who wish to mess with 30 year old men disguised as women; or just chat with your gaming buddies...

Home now has voice chat again!

So pull up a chair and enjoy... Sitting.

Video is below courtesy of screwattack with details:


Global PlayStation 3 Releases for the Week of December 21, 2008

323w ago - Merry Christmas, Japan! While the Western world grows fat on its own laziness (not to mention a massive amount of Christmas food) Japanese game stores remain open to sell five new great PS3 games.

What's that strange smell, you ask? That's our pure, unadulterated jealousy. We really want to play White Knight Chronicles. Here's the release list:

US Games

• No new releases

EU Games

• No new releases

Asian Games

• Alone In The Dark
• Bioshock
• Far Cry 2
• Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution
• White Knight Chronicles

In case you're wondering, your PS3 is region free. So, yes, you can import White Knight Chronicles if you so wish. We're not sure if it's the sort of game that will get downloadable content, but if it does you'll have to get it from the Japanese PSN Store.

Confirmed: No Red Bull Air Race on PlayStation Home This Year

323w ago - Just before the weekend, TedTheDog has stated on the European PlayStation boards (linked above) that Red Bull's Air Race definitely won't appear in 2008.

To quote: Beta's are often difficult as everyone wants the new toy, whatever it may be, to work just as the vision portrays but as a beta things are being used in untried ways and things are bound to go wrong.

And the vision of Home is pretty exciting right? We know its a little bare right now and we've got some problems to solve, but they'll be solved and we can then move on to running it as the service we all want.

The reality is that we really are beta testing Home and we have to get these load related issues dealt with (and they can be dealt with.)

I'm very reluctant to give an ETA for the Red Bull Air Race as the very nature of what were doing here throws schedules sometimes (as you've seen) but it certainly will not be before the new year now. I know its irritating, but it really ought to be worth the wait, its really quite impressive and a lot of fun.
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